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"AMG Review of "The Dino Soars""

The double-album-length debut by the Bay Area's Stegosaurus Rex is a sprawling wander through the last quarter-century of electronic pop music. Singer/songwriter/keyboardist Max Chen doesn't pledge allegiance to any particular subgenre, so these 18 songs skip merrily between Caribou-style indie pop ("Green"), mellow downtempo instrumentals (the soulful, slinky "East Bay Kickback"), hyper dancefloor fillers ("Polar"), hip-hop ("Sleep All Day"), experimental atmospheric soundscapes ("Blindness"), standard-issue electro-pop ("Frozen Promises"), and any other idea that comes to mind. In lesser hands, this would come off as merely unfocused, and it's certainly true that many A&R representatives would have demanded this lengthy CD be broken up into several different EPs, perhaps under different project names for ease of niche marketing. But even aside from the bravery of refusing to limit himself to one particular musical persona, Chen reveals himself to be a talented producer and a fairly solid songwriter with a particular knack for cool, mellow grooves and low-key, jazz-tinged melodies. The Dino Soars is perhaps best heard in bits and pieces (or on shuffle play), but it's a fun listen that promises better things yet to come. - All Music Guide

"Local Licks: Stegosaurus Rex"

Stegosaurus Rex, The Dino Soars. Opening track "East Bay Kickback" says it all, with promise of slick electro jams bearing few vocals and no hang-ups. Some cuts, such as "Polar" and "Fleeting Disco Do" pump the energy up to club levels. Most hit the sweet spot between relaxed and ready-to-go — a good place to be, but tough to sustain for seventy minutes. - East Bay Express


Nowhere To Run (Digital EP)
The Dino Soars (Album)
Undeniable (Digital Album)



Born in urban Xi'an in China, this Terracotta Warrior doesn't bring death and destruction as much as artistic sensibility and catchy melodies.

Max Chen grew up listening to late 80s, early 90s synth-pop over a tiny Magnavox radio given to him when he was 5. Never having grown out of his childhood tendency to be completely hypnotized by tunes, he takes the styles and sounds he has heard over the years, deconstructs them more thoroughly than a sociologist on coke, and builds together new, refreshing electro-pop like a Lego playset.

Among some of his favorite artists are New Order, Daft Punk, and Ladytron.