Stelios Koupetoris

Stelios Koupetoris

 Piraeus, Attica, GRC

Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2011
Best Classical-Orchestral Music Nomination

Park City Film Music Festival 2011
Film Score Silver Award

Moondance Film Festival 2011
Best Score

L.A. Movie Awards 2011
Best Score

Drama Film Festival 2011
Best Sound Award

WMIFF 2011
Best Sound Nomination


Stelios Koupetoris is a composer and sound editor in the film and television industry.
Born in Athens at 1977, he studied Anthropology and started focusing on music and sound at his late childhood, as a member of several rock and metal bands.

During the early stages of the digital audio revolution, he started focusing on sound synthesis and its implementation in music productions. After a long term of personal work and experimental projects he initiated his aims in the fields of cinema and founded Social Jamming productions. Ever since, he works as a freelancer in the department of Music and Sound of major film projects and publishes his personal and project-based soundtrack music.

Among many projects of various genres, in several production and post-production stages of sound, his latest works include the multi-awarded and nominated animation shorts “The Village”, “1.2 Million Children” and the Horror Feature “Frost”.


Felicidad (Frigus) - Title Sequence IV

Written By: Stelios Koupetoris

Frigus, Pravus

Nothing Above us - End Credits

Written By: John Kieran

Poets sleep alone tonight
because they lost their friends for the things they 've said
They 've run out of love, lying on their back
such a cruel truth beating in their ears
relentless-they never rest.

Christians given to their urge
and then on Sundays burn down all the churches
and convince their kids they 're already dead
and to trust themselves not some interpratation of truth
that they cannot not perceived
there is nothing in life so that they need no believe, in heaven.

Judges neglected to pervade
that justice is in fact man-made and before ruin that
we are all in sin
and our punishment is nothing but our freedom.


- "Frost" (AKA Psyhos) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
- "Dawn", Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
- "Imago" (in progress personal work)
- Unpublished Tracks