Stella Rose

Stella Rose


Stella Rose is a 3 piece rock band that plays deep, dark, beautiful sexy music.


Stella Rose came together while all three members were attending Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.

The band played around the DFW area all through college and have recently begun breaking into the Austin scene as bassist McKenna Madget made a move to Austin after graduation.

The band's influences range from Led Zeppelin to Nine Inch Nails to Jeff Buckley and The Beatles.

The band is really one to see live, as their shows are energetic and full of loudness and banter.


"Deep Dark Beautiful Sexy Music" - Demo - 2003
"Starving Hysterical Naked" - 2005
"Nine Caged Tigers" - 2006
*Currently recording now for album due in 2009*

Set List

Setlist times can range from 30 min to over an hour. The typical 40 minute setlist is comprised of:

Makin' it Easy
Christmas Tree
Easy Like Suicide
Looking for Love
Fall Apart
When I'm With You

The occasional cover tune will be broke out, usually something by Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.