Stellar Radio Choir

Stellar Radio Choir


Stellar Radio Choir brings the sound of the pulsars to your ears, glistening with more energy than the rings of Saturn; with songs of love, lust and jealousy.


Stellar Radio Choir sounds like your dads record collection that has been struck by a high energy pulsar beam; they combine hooky bass lines, a strong back beat, and psychedelic washed out guitar for a unique result. This three piece garage/rock and roll band composed of Eric Larocque, Todd Menzies & Ben Caldwell, released their debut EP "ATTACK! Of The Laser Tiger" in December 2010. They followed up their release with a cross Canada tour in the summer of 2011, playing over 40 venues from Victoria to Montreal, sharing the stage with such acts as Vince Vaccaro, Maurice, Head Of The Herd, Jon Cohen, The Mudmen, Shred Kelly & Mobina Galore. Since the summer SRC has released the highly anticipated follow up single Confessions along with a B-side track to their single; Nightmares. Stellar Radio Choir's relentless touring of B.C and Alberta has carved their live show into a sonic distortion of the space-time continuum, not to be missed.

"Stellar Radio Choir bring forward the lyrics and howl of an agonized bluesman and blend that with the wonderfully unrefined guitar riffs and bass hooks that awesome garage rock is made of. Adding a psychedelic edge with the use of pedals and a passionate stage presence, it is completely fitting and almost necessary that their latest E.P. be titled “Attack! Of The Laser Tiger”. - Jamie Woodward, Green Couch Sessions

"Bucking the trend of putting everything including the glockenspiel on stage, these guys play classic indie rock. Harkens back to simpler times when music was made by three people (hello, Nirvana?). Stripped down, guitar, bass and drums and the odd handclap. Nothing fancy here. Hope they tour through my town."-B.C Musician Magazine

"On their debut EP, ATTACK! of the Laser Tiger, they've created some straightforward rock'n'roll ? no bells and whistles. The tracks drip with swagger and a cool attitude; it is genuine party music"- Luca Morellato,

"They struck with the intensity of a brain wave frying laser beam from a distant alien race, with a wave of psychedelic distortion..." - Richard Amery, L.A Beat

-CFOX 99.3FM Vancouver Featured artist of The Month for November 2011

-Nominated for Best Rock/Punk/Medal band for The 2011 Kootenay Music Awards

Velvet Underground, T-Rex, Fleetwood Mac,The Rolling Stones, Black Mountain, The Knack


Attack! Of The Laser Tiger EP (2010)
Confessions/Nightmares (2012)

Set List

Our set list consists of mostly original material. We do play the odd cover from bands like:
Screaming Jay Hawkins
The Pixies
Chuck Berry
Black Mountain
Fleetwood Mac and more.

An Unfortunate Incident
Attack! Of The Laser Tiger
Heart Of Fire
Inner City Bus Route
Jealous Ones
November Sky part #1
November Sky part #2
Sneaky Little Devil
Shiny New Gun
Your Name
Your Turn To Fall
6's & 8's