Stellar Sons & Daughters

Stellar Sons & Daughters

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Stellar Sons & Daughters are an emerging 5-piece original blues rock outfit formed in Los Angeles. Each members separate influences towards different styles of rock have greatly shaped a distinct and clear sound that keep the musicians writing more and the fans wanting more.


Stellar Sons & Daughters is a burgeoning indie rock outfit based in Los Angeles, California. Their infectious music and impressive live performances have already garnered critical acclaim. While the band has been compared to the Black Keys and the Dead Weather because of the heavy blues influence present in the music, Stellar Sons & Daughters is by all means unique. The band’s remarkable young musicians share a rare degree of musical chemistry that has made songwriting a joyful process since the band’s formation.

Originally the group consisted of Jordyn Austin (lead vocals), Tyler Weitz (drums) and Tyler McCarthy (guitar) under the name Hush No More. With the arrival of Erik Bogeberg on keys and Rosie Tucker on bass, the band’s sound began to evolve and the group was soon christened Stellar Sons & Daughters with reference to the distinctive music being made and the high aspirations of the band’s members. Though Stellar Sons & Daughters possesses the talent and drive essential to commercial success, the group’s ultimate inspiration is the electricity of creating awesome, stellar music.


- Stellar Sons & Daughters EP (Streaming/Free Download)

Set List

On Us
Hammer & Nail
Bite The Bullet
The Walk
*The Crossing/The Queen's Rebuke
Pretty Face
Out That Knife
Strawberry Jam
Weird Planet

*/**White Rabbit

*: Cover Song
**: Alternative Set Song