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"Stellar Tuesday"

Stellar Tuesday is an up and coming band from New York that consists of three very talented people, Eric Hauptman,Anne Thitipraserth, and Jimmi Kane. I fell in love with the 3-song demo immediately and it is now one of my favorite CDs. It has the catchy, heart felt lyrics which are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. Anyone who is suffering from a break-up can relate to them perfectly.
"I see your best friends on the corner, I'll try to avoid her but she knows. She says "Where have you been hiding?" I say that "I'm dying without you"..starts off the first song, “Everything Reminds Me.” It explains about how it feels to be missing someone and knowing you can't get them back, no matter how hard you try. It starts off with a slightly fast paced tempo, but gradually slows down as the song goes on.
The next song is “Last Goodbye”, the title pretty much explains the song. Its a mellow song mixed with lyrics that are so heartfelt, you want to cry. This is one song that everyone who listens to it, can relate to.
The last song, “I Wish Tonight”, is my favorite song off the demo. This is the ultimate "I miss you and want you back" song. It may not be as mellow as “Last Goodbye” or as fast paced as “Everything Reminds Me,” but this song is awesome.
Stellar Tuesday is definitely a band to look out for this year. I can only expect great things to come from these talented New Yorkers. Based on this demo alone, I can already tell that their next CD is going to be nothing short of amazing

"Stellar Tuesday"

Stellar Tuesday
Amber Keimig

They bring the pop, they bring the glam....And then a dose of emo. This band is definitely 'east coast,' if you will. The New York, up and coming band, has definitely started their own trend.

Their song writing quality and the way all three of the songs off of the demo are put together, you can definitely tell this group has talent. The song writing capabilities are definitely there.

The first track on their three song demo, 'Everything Reminds Me,' is a little more grindy than the other two tracks on the disc. This song has some pretty trendy chick vocals.

Recording quality is definitely a plus. I'm just curious to see what the outcome of a full-length album will be.

Image is something 'Stellar Tuesday' has going for them. I believe this band will go far. This is the future in 'east coast' music.

3 song demo Track Listing:

1: Everything Reminds Me
2: I Wish Tonight
3: Last Goodbye

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"Stellar Tuesday"

Reviewed by Matt

If you could imagine glitter rock, blended with an emo/pop sound, you get Stellar Tuesday. Think David Bowie singing for Jimmy Eat World. Eric's vocals are very solid, which in turn leads the band's overall sound to stray away from the mainstream music of today. My favorite tracks in order are (1) Last Goodbye(recommended radio single), (2) Everything Reminds Me (3) I Wish Tonight. Stellar Tuesday has a very established sound and will be very sucessful in the future.
Rating 4/5


Stellar Tuesday EP (w/ single 'Last Goodbye' played over a number of college, syndicated, and internet radio world-wide.
Urban Noise Vol. 1 Traffic Compilation: Spun on College Stations throughout the US.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With influences ranging from the glitter rock of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie to the current emo/pop of Jimmy Eat World, Stellar Tuesday continues to win new fans with each show they play and every spin they receive.

Last year Stellar Tuesday was selected to be part of the “Urban Noise, Vol. 1 - Traffic” compilation. In its first week alone, the compilation was played on 127 radio stations nationwide - the number two most added album on the CMJ college radio charts, just behind Tori Amos. Supported by Mcgathy Radio Promotions, it entered the CMJ Top 200 at number 188, a significantly high entry for a compilation of unsigned bands. Stellar Tuesday’s single, “Last Goodbye,” continues to be played on a number of college radio stations throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.

A wide range of stations all over the country have already added Stellar Tuesday to their specialty programs and regular playlists. The band can be consistently heard on a number of radio stations throughout Long Island, as well as on 92.9 FM and Star 93.3 FM, two Clear Channel™ stations based in upstate New York. While they have been featured on several specialty shows in New Jersey and Connecticut, the group has achieved recognition outside the Northeast as well. Stellar Tuesday has been featured on radio programs in Oregon, Montana, South Carolina and Missouri, and the band has performed live on shows such as “Jason Keller's Big Break” and “Sunday Night Rocks.”

After self-producing a five-song EP in May 2003, Stellar Tuesday began working with Grammy™ nominated producer, Steve Addabbo (Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin), whose experience has taken the group’s sound to a new level. The band completed recording four songs under Addabbo’s guidance which showcase their musicianship, post-punk attitude and honest emotion.

With their rapidly growing fan base and the support of radio and music publications worldwide, the group plans to continue recording and performing regularly while shopping for a record label’s support.