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The best kept secret in music


"Succsessfully Smashing"

Stellar Vector could most easily be categorized as an electro/alternative band, but they blend several genres to achieve a sound that is all theirs.

Local alternative band Stellar Vector has separated themselves from their electro/punk roots and begun to flourish with their own brand of sound. The band played their first performance in the First Avenue Main Room about a year ago, where they caught the attention of the crowd by smashing a keyboard onstage before the show even got underway. Since that fateful night a year ago, Stellar Vector has moved on from smashing keyboards to smashing computers. It’s easy to act like The Who with your equipment when you have major label support, but it’s pretty ballsy to smash your gear when you’re an up and coming artist. Stellar Vector chooses to take that risk.

Stellar Vector could most easily be categorized as an electro/alternative band, but they blend several genres to achieve a sound that is all their own. The EP is laden with synthesized rhythms that bear a faint resemblance to Linkin Park. Between the digitalized intros and breaks, the vocals are sung with angst and occasional screaming, but the purity in sound is similar to that of Seether. The emotive qualities of the songs, which would most likely find a place on 93X, contain significant doses of anger in each track. Stellar Vector explores non-traditional lyrical themes, unveiling stories of Necrophilia and Agoraphobia, topics which are sure to keep you intrigued, even if on a oddly bemused level.

Stellar Vector’s 3 song untitled EP is the medium through which they book shows. The 3 tracks were recorded at the Integral Studios in St. Paul with help from producer Ev Olcott. The band decided on Olcott based on a previous musical relationship with the St Paul producer. “He is the right man for the job and we are very happy with the results.” Charles Sadler noted. The short EP has done wonders for the band since it’s release, providing significant help in booking gigs. Sadler expressed that it has “opened up a lot of doors for us.”

The best song on the EP is “The Ravagers,” a song inspired by the 1970’s film of the same title. Lead vocalist Sadler, also a classically trained pianist, likes to be poetic in telling stories to his listeners. “That movie is just so ridiculous I had to write about it.” Sadler’s first intention was to write a parody of the movie, but ended turning into a “pretty serious song.”

So what’s up next for Stellar Vector? They are playing their next show at Club Underground on February 18th. On March 25th, the band has been slated to do an in studio show on Radio K (University of Minnesota radio station). They plan on going back to the studio in mid March to record 8 songs, which they will eventually release as digital downloads. For more information on Stellar Vector, head to

Stellar Vector is:
Charles Sadler-Vocals/Songwriting
Jonathon Ford- Guitar/Production
Geoffrey Makousky- Bass
Don Carlson- Drums/Programming
Daniel Auger- Lead Guitar -


March 19, 2005 - TC Electropunk Compilation Vol - II - Agoraphobia


Feeling a bit camera shy


Music in Minnesota is vast and crowded. There are bands that range anywhere from Heavy Metal to Irish Folk. It is a rich and cultured area where the arts and entertainment recieve a very healthy show of support. It is this area where Stellar Vector emerges to forge it's own sound. In a place where everything under the sun has been done, Stellar Vector digs another pool for music. Grabbing their influences from all over the musical spectrum, Stellar Vector tries to make a blend of Punk, Pop, Classic Metal, and Electronica.

The Ravegers is a song inspired by the 1970's film with the same name. Starring Richard Harris, this movie was a pish posh of Drama, Science Fiction, and the genre that is frequently called the Exploitation film. "I was trying to write a satire of the movie," says Charles, "because when I saw it I couldn't stop laughing about it. But, the theme of having a group of people destroy and pillage everything in their path was just too good of a story to pass up."

Other songs take different inspirations from different subjects. Leaving no subject taboo for the 5, Their set list tells stories of obsession, fear, necrophillia, and even loathing towards California. One clear similarty is their devotion to passionate melody, and strong performance.

The band is made up of Charles "[space bar]" Sadler, Jonathan Ford, Don Carlson, and Geoffery Makousky. They all spend their days working as anybody else does. At night, they practice and perform in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. They are currently seeking opprotunities to perform in other states. Keep an eye out for them playing in your local area.