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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Exhale E.P."

It’s amazing that Stellify only
formed in early 2012. ‘There Is No
Other Night’ is an absolute killer
leaving listeners guessing that they
have been together for years upon
years. The blues and rock
influence can be easily heard in the
first few seconds. Warping sounds
in the background give the track its
psychedelic twist. Vocalist James
Howlett’s guttural voice is
enthralling and shines throughout
and the instrumentation is stellar.
‘Last Goodbye’ takes on a slower
pace compared to its predecessor.
The blues driven rock n roll sound
is effervescent and Stellify’s
influences of Hendrix and The
Doors is clear as day. The chorus
is infectious and will have you
singing along in no time.
Title track ‘Exhale’ takes on a
darker haunting sound. Stellify
continue to create tracks with
beautiful melodies and lyrics and
‘Exhale’ is no different. The EP
ends on a beautiful note ‘The One’,
a charming track, almost like a
ballad. Stellify’ tracks all vary from
one another. They never stay
within one set of song structure
and sound. Each track is different
from the rest and each track is a
great listen. - Hopeless Thunder


From the opening of ‘There
is no other night’ you can hear a
whole chain of influences making
up the sound of South London
based band Stellify. They quote the
likes of The Doors and Howlin
Wolf to John Martyn and Cream
as influences which give them a
classic backbone to their music
from which a mountain of other
influences must surely be at
play…their debut track packs a lot
of punch including some nice solo
guitar work which took me right
back to the indie rock of
Madchester. Who knows what
they may be offering up next. - Folk Radio UK

"There Is No Other Night"

From the very start of this
South-London outfit’s There Is
No Other Night, there is an
instant southern rock feel, with
the slight nod to John
Frusciante’s arpeggiated guitar
lines. Inviting James Howlett’s
vocals to takeover and shine,
as the track progresses,
reminding us of across
between Eric Clapton, Pearl
Jam’s Eddie Vedder and even
Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd
Skynnrd, in some places.
Leading on to an air of
insouciance – purveyed by the
wah-wah led guitar solo that
reverts back to the early 1990s’
to re-witness the birth of
Britpop, through some of the
North of England’s greatest,
and most renowned bands.
A fine effort from Stellify, and
what's even better is - that it's
available to download. Breeding
profound excitement as to
whatever will come next. - The Whiteboard Project


The Exhale EP (Released last summer)
The Rebel/Andy Warhol Double A-Side (Released Feb 2013)



Hailing from the depths of South London, Stellify purvey their unique brand of Blues driven rock n roll, drawing influence from a diverse range of artists from Hendrix and Howlin Wolf to John Martyn and Cream. Formed in early 2011 by frontman James Howlett and songwriting partner and guitarist Richard Costello after their previous ventures as an acoustic duo, Stellify were then augmented by long time collaborator Ben Clark on bass and old time band mate Tim McNicol on drums to create a more expansive and encompassing sound.
From the massive bass lines and rolling drums to the simplistic lead guitar licks and big vocals, the sound of Stellify is raw, natural and captures everything that rocknroll is about.