Stem is a rollercoaster of music that relates to people from all different backrounds. A band that even if you are unfamiliar with them they will find a way to associate their music to you.


By definition, a stem is a connector. It is the means by which the base or root of something joins its other parts. In terms of the musical sextet known as STEM from the once vital industrial hub of Waterbury, Connecticut, it is the piece that links the past sonic explorations of its members to its current sound. The musicians that comprise STEM have spent decades honing their skills in acts as diverse as their own personalities. Their abilities cross genres, and directly inform the creative spirit they now share. From their roots playing in different bands across the Tri-State area, they have fused together all of their various influences and channeled them into one artistic vision. The fruits of which lie before you now…


Currently working with producer John Roper on our Debut full length release.Scheduled for Summer '09

Set List

Up to 75 minutes of original material