Step 13

Step 13


Step 13 is a stronge modern rock band from detroit, with everthing you would want to see and hear to keep you interested when you need to be entertained. From strong original material that has been used on national TV shows, to covering everything you want to hear from clasic rock to modern rock!


Step 13 loves to play live, striving on a great live sound and making sure the people that are there, are involved with there show! Some of there influences are:
Matchbox 20
Goo Goo Dolls
Led Zepplin
Counting Crows



Written By: ron pirrone

She woke up yesterday and she had desided, she wasent going to live like this and left it behind her, he woke up looked around and ne exactly what was going on, everything in his like wasent ther no more sh was gone.
oo is she lonely
she use to think that she was the only one
oo is she lonely now.


Step13 put out a EP in 2003 "Strange"
you can listen to them at
we have had radio play on XM radio and also one of the song from there first EP was on the TV show "Somerland" on the WB in 2004.

Set List

Sep 13 typical set list is 45 min. long. Each night there is three sets. some of Step 13 song list is:

BNL: Brian Wilsom, Old Apartment, What a Good Boy, Million Dollars.

MtchBox 20: 3 AM, Push.

Train: Drops of Jupitor, Meet Verginia.

Oasis: Champaign Supernova

Goo Goo Dolls: Slide

Edwin McCain: I'll Be.

Rod Stwart: First Cut, Maggie May.

Led Zepplin: Ha Ha What...

Fuel: Had A Bad Day.

Counting Crows: Mr. Jones, Yellow Taxi.

Bonjovi: I'll be There for you, I'm a Cowboy.

Stone Temple Pilots: Plush

Jimmy Eat World: The Middle.

Dobie Gray: Doc of the Bay, Drift Away.

George Michael: Faith.

Lenard Skinart: Sweet Home, Give me Three steps

Jim Crochey: Big Jim, Leroy Brown.

Violent Fems: Blister in the Sun.

Puddle of Mud: She Hates Me.

Joe Cocker: Leave your Hat on.

Billy Joel: Piano Man.

Stevie Ray Vaughn: Pride and Joy.

Rick Springfield: Jessie's Girl.

Beatles: Oh Darling.

Stones: Honkey Tonk.

STP: Black.