Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A BOMB just touched down in ATL PRIDE and we call it... STEP BOY BLEU!


Step Boy Bleu At Large is an American pop singer. At age 21, this is one artist who is sure to top the charts for years to come. Step Boy Bleu is known for his artistic stage presence, don't-stop-dancing approach to performing, and charismatic personality. These attributes, combined with a fun, fierce personal style, make him a fresh image in today's pop music scene.
In addition to being a pop singer, Step Boy Bleu gathers inspiration from r&b, electronic, and hip hop musical styles. His songs are upbeat and danceable. He incorporates various stepping styles into his performances as well.
Recently Midnight Beats, an international DJ duo from Krusevac, Serbia, remixed Step Boy Bleu's hit single "Right Now" & "Can you find me now." The "Right Now" remix gives a house music vibe to the original single and has garnered international support for SBB from fans in countries such as Korea, the Netherlands, and Germany.
Step Boy Bleu is currently performing in venues across North America while recording his debut album entitled The Experience: Step Boy Bleu At Large.

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"Can you find me now"

"Right Now"

The Experience: Step Boy Bleu - RECORDIKNG IN PROGRESS