Step Daddy

Step Daddy

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Progressive Post-Alternative Apocalyptic Funk Metal. That is all.


Active since 2009, Step Daddy is the collaboration of 4 Seattle veterans, each having more than 10 years experience in the Seattle music scene. It's members have played in such acts as the Kindness Kind, Ben's Jazz Kit, Kate Tucker and Pawn Council. Since their inception they have written more than 25 songs and on the eve of their first LP are already planning the tracking of their second album. This high energy, four piece, progressive, Post-Alternative, Apocalyptic Funk-Metal band hits the listener with complex, pounding, syncopated drum grooves inspired by the likes of Bonham, Weckl, Vinnie Paul, Danny Carey, and Matt Cameron. The thick, fat, brooding bass lines are combined with precision instrumental execution to provide intelligent, yet infectious grooves that pound the listener into joyous submission. Lead vocalist Kit van der Jagt, completes the sound with catchy melodies, playful lyrics, intense fun, and exciting presence. This bands modality is tongue in cheek all fun. They are intense, intellectual hard rock and half comedy show. If one were take them too seriously they might miss the point entirely. Step Daddy is a true dichotomy of the times who's incomparable sound and energy consistently enraptures the audience leaves them wanting more.



Set List

We have enough original material to play an hour and a half set if need be. We also have a few fun cover tunes in our little bag of tricks.