Ministry, Ministry, Ministry! I offer hope, healing and have an "original" word for all who listen!


When I’m not writing and singing, I’m counseling, mentoring and inspiring others to greatness. I have set my sites on fulfilling God's plan and destiny for my life which is to open up a Starting Over center for homeless women and children. I plan to call the program Zoë House.

The program would be establised to provide transitional housing, spiritual enrichment and career training for six (6) underprivileged females dealing with homelessness, domestic abuse, and self-esteem issues. The program is for single females and mothers with one child between the ages of 0 and 18.

The goal of the program is to assist clients in personal development and vocational pursuits—thus increasing employment potential and opportunities to move from negative conditions and/or relationships to independent, self-sufficient lifestyles.

I'm here primarily to generate some interest for the music; the music will then fund the vision. The other reason I’m here is to share my ministry with men and women who are going through. Because there is so much happening in these last and evil days, and because there is so much evil in the world and because there is so many suffering (especially women and children) I believe that God has ordained me to minister and bring comfort to people who are hurting!

One of the most amazing things, at lease to me, is that I started making music right out of college. I never had any formal music training outside of John Schwam's piano book #1 (you music lovers should know what that one is). I don't play any instruments nor do I read music. Yet, God has allowed me to make beautiful music using modern technology!


I started singing at the Zion Baptist Church of Coatesville, Pa. Mom made us all sing (3 sis, 2 bros) with the church choir. Although many of the members welcomed our fresh, young voices, some gave us the evil eye when we tried to breathe new life into old hymns. During my teen years, I sang with the William Reeves Chorale Ensemble, McCaskey Senior High School Glee Club and participated in a lot of community events.

You could say that, as a teen, I was very much involved in the community. I was voted “Teen of the Week” by the Lancaster New Era (local paper), “Girl of the Year” by the Lancaster Recreation Commission, and asked to represent the Local Elks as “Miss Elkdom” in Bethlehem, Pa.

Also, I hold a B.A. Degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice and was inducted into the National Sociological Honor Society for holding a “B” average in my major. I substituted at the Lancaster Career and Technology School; and all the students I tutored experienced, on average, a 12% increase in their overall grade.

One of my favorite quotes, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle," embodies the whole of my existence. If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living is not in vain.


Same Jesus © 2000

Written By: Stephanie Allen Bennett


Tell me do you know the man?
Who walked across the land?
Born of a virgin child
He walked the earth a while
Said He preached and shared the news
Lived with us thought the never knew
Chased demons saved souls and healed
Everyday the Father’s will

He’s was raised up from the dead
5 thousand souls He fed
He’s the one who moved the sea
So His children could run free
Sent the rain for 40 days
Saved the boys from a fiery grave
Then He came and He took control
Told ole Pharaoh let my people go

That’s the same Jesus who lived so long ago
That’s the same Jesus who died so long ago
That’s the same Jesus that lives today in me
That’s the same Jesus who came to set me free

Tell; tell me do you know the man?
Who got you in His hand?
A Maker and keeper
He’s a balm in Gilead
Alpha, Omega, and the Ancient of Days
Strong tower He’s a hiding place

He’s the Rock in a weary land
Step down from His throne
Just to hold my hand
He so full of mercy, He’s so full of grace
Strong Tower He’s a hiding place

Check, check it out when “G” stops the clock
You’ll be moving thru eternity
No time to worry bout you only
Clear the way as He comes quickly
Don’t reject his grace and his mercy
On your knees holla “G” can you save me?
He’s coming on day

Cause he the way the door the truth and the light
Son of God, yeah He’s a wheel in the middle of a wheel
King of kings, He’s the one who never sleeps
Strong Tower He’s always watching me

Tell me do you know the man?
Who’s got you in his hand?
Tell me do you know the man?
Who walked across the land?
A maker a keeper
He’s a balm in Gilead
Alpha, Omega
He’s the ancient of days


He Sent Jesus To Rescue Me © 2000
He Touched Me © 2006

Set List

Same Jesus - Fast Tempo
He Touched Me - Ballad Tempo
Alright - Up Tempo
He Sent Jesus to Rescue Me - Ballad Tempo
Right Stuff - Up Tempo