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Stephanie Ault

Denver, Colorado, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Denver, Colorado, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Interview for My Crazy Music Blog"

Interview questions:
Full given name:
Stephanie Christine Ault (I was supposed to be a boy with the name Stephen!)

Hometown: I was born in Bryan, TX, but raised in Denver, CO. I really am a Colorado girl at heart. Everytime I go back to Texas I feel like Remy from ¡§Ratatouille¡¨ except with a bunch of Texans.

MAC or PC?
MAC, you know why? Because my PC just crashed on me last week and I¡¦m still really bitter about it. Apparently, MACs don¡¦t crash.

Favorite post-show meal: Hmm. Well, I¡¦m really poor, so usually my friends come over to my house and we have wine and cheese and dark chocolate that we¡¦ve raided from someone else¡¦s fridge. ƒº

Pre-show rituals: I pray and I think about all the stories that went into my songs and I re-live and re-visit them.

Worst onstage mishap: I completely spaced mid-song and forgot how to play the rest of it. I just kind of sat there for a few seconds and made it look like a dramatic pause. Ha!

Favorite venue to play in: Anywhere really, as long as the audience is receptive and interactive, that¡¦s all that matters. If the audience is digging my music and having a good time, then the venue just seems to disappear.

Favorite place to travel: Provence, France

All-time favorite music venue: There is this underground old stone bar in Paris that I love to go to the music is wonderful and usually jazz or some type of sensual array of musical genius.

Special skills:

Last book you read: ¡§The Shack¡¨ by William P. Young

Favorite magazine: Oh. I just realized, I haven¡¦t read a magazine since my tweens.

Must-see TV show: I¡¦m a dork, I love watching ¡§Arthur¡¨ on PBS every Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal.

Last good movie you saw: Juno

Favorite place you have lived: Brooklyn, New York

First concert ever saw: Well, I used to live behind an outdoor music arena its called Fidler¡¦s Green and I remember the first concert I ever heard (not saw) was Elton John. It was amazing! I will never forget that night, I was 8 years old and I remember sitting on the rooftop of my apartment and crying when he sang ¡§Can you feel the love tonight¡¨

If you could go back in time and catch any concert, what would it be? That same concert. Except this time, I would be front row and center.

Current band/musician (besides yourself) you have been recommending to your friends: Sufjan Stevens, all the time, I can¡¦t shut up about him!

Most played song on your iPod: ¡§Vito¡¦s Ordination Song¡¨ by Sufjan Stevens

Best vacation spot: Greece

Worst job you ever had:
I¡¦ve had some pretty bad jobs, but the worst job I have ever had was last summer when I worked on a farm in Greece and I shoveled pig poop in a bikini and golashes in 115 degree heat. That was pretty horrible. I¡¦m not sure if I¡¦ll ever feel the same about pigs¡Kor bikinis¡Kor golashes! I do still love Greece though.
- Spencer Williams


"Heart in Hand" EP

Note: Songs "Playdates at Gina's House"
"Red Hot Air Balloon"
"Street Symphony"
"Where Everything Is Beige"
"We Make the Rounds"
"In Between Trees"
"Oh Holy Ghost Hold Me Now"

Have recieved airplay on:
KLZ-560AM Denver, CO



Stephanie Ault is an indie folk singer-songwriter. She uses her voice, charisma and original songs to inspire others to uncover their purpose and bring healing to the broken. Her hushed and commanding voice hovers over emotional ballads that tell a story of finding hope and adding beauty in the midst of chaos.  

Raised by a single mother who suffered from a mental illness, Stephanie began working from a young age as a child actor. An observer and storyteller, she tinkered on piano, regurgitating scenarios of the grandiose characters that filtered through her life.

In 2005 she migrated to New York City to attend acting school and released her first EP Heart in Hand in 2008. After a brief hiatus overseas she returned to Brooklyn, New York enlisting the talents of Leo Sidran (Steve Miller Band) to produce her second EP From the Factory in 2012, which was fan funded through Kickstarter and well received by the public. 

Stephanie resides in Denver, Colorado where she is currently working on her third EP, Pigeon-Holed

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