Stephanie Corey

Stephanie Corey

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Vintage Retro Hip Hop


Stephanie Corey is the new kid on the block with an old school swing with a new jack flow. She is originally from Jersey City, New Jersey but was raised in Georgia since the age of 5. She was introduce to music at an early age and has explored different avenues of the business. From dancing, singing, rapping and writing she has shown and expressed her love for music. “My older sister would come home from college and would bring home new music such as Nas, Fugees, Erykah Badu Lost Boyz and etc. and it had such an influence on me.” At the age of 8 years of age she wrote her first verse and since then she has a number of pages in notebooks filled with so much more. Stephanie Corey has perform and acted as Moni Love in a local hip hop musical play. One night in the studio she and her producer came up with a name for her sound “vintage hip hop”.”I have an old soul and I love the history of old things and you hear it a lot in my music.” In 2011 released a mixtape entitled “Yo Stephanie Corey Raps?!?!” which she covered some of the most popular songs of the 80’s and 90’s. For some it’s a question while for others it’s a statement, but you will have to listen to be the judge. In 2012 she performed at the world’s greatest Apollo Theater in front of the hardest audiences to please in Harlem and won the crowd over with her original song. Stephanie Corey has shown an ability and versatility to make dope music. If you’re ever able to witness her live you will see she has undeniable talent with an electric personality to go with it.


"Yo Stephanie Corey Raps?!?!"

Set List

Whats up Whats up *hype crowd*

Shakurs Interlude


*dance off*

Like you

Ladies 1st

Gangsta Shit