Stephanie DeWolfe & Tulsa County Line

Stephanie DeWolfe & Tulsa County Line


I have recently made the move to Nashville, WOW, can't believe I am really here!! I am meeting lots of people and getting involved in the songwriting nights and workshops, I love it...



Stephanie Lynne DeWolfe was born in Tulsa, OK August 1990, and spent most of her growing up years in the Tulsa area, she has lived in Broken Arrow, Owasso and Tahlequeh OK.

She began singing in the first grade at a talent show, where she made her family aware of her stage presence for the first time, their reaction was…who’s child is this? After that, she entered every contest, talent show or play that she could. She also began taking voice and piano lessons when they relized that she was learning to play by ear. She always amazed everyone who heard her, she has a way on capturing the audience with her voice, she commands full attention. Stephanie is quite and soft spoken until you give her a stage, she is trully an entertainer as those who have seen her perform will tell you.

Two months into piano lessons she began writing music, then entering music composition contests and winning, local, regional and state competions for composing, she also won many awards in piano competitions, local, tri-state and state.

Stephanie began singing in church at age eight, and even at that time was directing the musicians how she wanted the accompiment to sound. She picked up the guitar at age 12 and hasn’t put it down since, she has written some 40 or more songs, some of which are copyrighted and registered with BMI, where she is a member.

She was influnced by such artists as Elvis, at one time her room was wall to wall Elvis, she has been to Graceland many times, has all his recordings and most movies. Also Jewel, she loves to write folk style music and sit and play the guitar, which she does often around town at coffee houses, clubs, churchs, fund raisers, etc. Other favoites of hers are Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Martina, Faith, Emmy Lou Harris and Reba.

Stephanie started recording at local recording studios at age nine and has always had request for CD’s from fans and has had several to give out or sell at performances. Her web site is, where you can also link to her myspace and sonic bids.

Her recent performances include: Oklahoma Opry, Annie’s Country Jubilee in Kansas, a sit it with Dilisa Dawn Jones in MO. And a guest appearance at Country Fever in Pryor, OK from which she won a local singing contest, she sang two original songs and Amazing Grace, for which she was able to perform on the same stage as Reba, Marinda Lambert, Tracy Byrd, Trent Tomilson and many others who where there this year. She recently sang at a fund raiser for presidential canidate Mike Huckabee. She plays and sings solo and she also has a band called Tulsa County Line who back her at many performances, she plays rhythm guitar.

She also is involved with church youth group and went to Louisiana this last spring to help with Hurricane Katrina victims, she often performs at nursing homes and retirement centers, they always want her back. She also is a model with the Linda Layman Agency in Tulsa and has done some commericals. She has been the featured artist on the Route 66 Music Shop, a 30 minute feature on a single artist or group each week, and has been on the local morning show at Channel 8 in Tulsa. As well as Mix 96 radio guest.
Stephanie home schooled for the last two years of school and earned her high school degree early so that she could devote all of her time to music.

You’ll ejoy the full rich sound of Stephanie DeWolfe’s voice, it is quite unique is the way most people discribe it….captivating!!!

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Set List

I am currently performing solo acoustic, I have my own sound system that sets up quickly, if needed.

I have performed at many oprys and can step in with most bands who perform many cover songs, my repertoire containes more than 80 songs.

I am also a songwriter and perform many originals