Stephanie Dosen

Stephanie Dosen


On her newest release, Milwaukee’s Stephanie Dosen delivers the clear, delicate voice of a quiet Sinead O’Connor, the ethereal poetry of Joni Mitchell and the soft pop strains of the Sundays.


Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Dosen's music is featured in the recent DVD releases for Dawson's Creek and Party of Five. In 2003 she was selected by Billboard Magazine as one of the top six independent musicians in the Midwest, performing at the Independent Music World Series held in Chicago., in partnership with ASCAP, Musictech College and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI), presented a Demo Review Panel And Contest for the Chicago Chapter of in which Stephanie took home the grand prize for best demo.
As a former resident of Wisconsin she was nominated for five Wisconsin Area Music Industry awards taking home "best new artist" and "song of the year" in 2003, and best female vocalist in 2004. In 2003 she won the Shure Microphone Open Mic contest at Uncommon Ground in Chicago. NPR chose Stephanie's music for their "All Songs Considered" contest and listed her as one of the top female vocalists to date.
Stephanie's debut album, Ghosts, Mice & Vagabonds, has garnered rave reviews. Performing Songwriter Magazine says, "Stephanie Dosen delivers the clear, delicate voice of a quiet Sinead O'Connor, the ethereal poetry of Joni Mitchell and the soft pop strains of the Sundays...Ghosts, Mice & Vagabonds shine[s] with a moonlit glow."
Her single "Weak" was described as "Infectious and Addictive" by, was featured in CMJ New Music Monthly magazine and also recognized by the Great American Song contest with an honorary award. Stephanie was chosen to appear in the quarterly CD Baby magazine and her songs were selected for their compilation disc. They also chose the track "weak" to be included in their free gift CD for repeat customers. Stephanie was one of six finalists at Tonos, where a track from her album was repeatedly chosen worldwide for their monthly A+R drop box CD.
Stephanie's vocal quality and lyrics have received critical acclaim in magazines and newspapers such as 23:4, Lighthouse, 7 Ball, True tunes, Cornerstone, the Milwaukee Journal and the Waukesha Sentinel, the Shepherd Express and CCM, where her lyrical approach was compared to the allegorical literature of C.S. Lewis and her vocals were hailed as "haunting and beautiful." Marquette University Radio says, "Stephanie has the experience, grit and personality to make it. Her music...will make you think, and reward and soothe you." forecasts, "this is a beautiful start to a promising career."
Stephanie currently resides in Nashville and is working with Rampant Music on a follow-up record produced by Grammy award winner Jason Lehning (Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek).


Bones & Ice

Written By: Stephanie Dosen


im starting to believe the things you said to me
so i ran up to the roof just to get struck by lightening
and shine for you
like a lamp

im swimming in my chaos and uncertainty
cant admit that i need someone else to keep me steady
from spinning way too fast

hold onto me when the storm picks up speed its heading
straight here at me i look around
be my anchor hold me down

ive always had a rolled up ball of string inside
and its made put of the times i knew i should have cried
but i held the feeling back

this vicious apprehension has its way with me
ive been tied up like a tangle from my history
but you unfold me
like a map

pull the thread make me a smooth line
im just bones and ice
when you unravel
this heart of mine


Ghosts, Mice & Vagabonds ©2003 available at iTunes

Set List

30-45 mins
in no particular order
Oh So Beautiful
Gypsy Star
Bones & Ice
Pale As Powder Stars