Stephanie Eden

Stephanie Eden

 Walnutport, Pennsylvania, USA

Music puts the Eden in Stephanie Eden.Without the music, Stephanie would surely wither away. Her intention in writing and sharing music is to inspire creativity and authenticity, promote healing, and connect more deeply from the heart to herself, the Divine, and others


Stephanie produced her first album, "Colors in Eden" in 2001 with the talented Jimmy Dunn in Boulder, Colorado. She was 20 years old and recorded her first song a couple months after picking up a guitar.
Throughout high school she was known to sing a capella with friends or solo any chance she got.
She played many venues in Boulder, beginning to make a name for herself before moving to Tucson, AZ.
After relocating to the east coast in 2005, she put songwriting aside to raise her children. In November 2010, she released her second full-length album, "All That I Am" displaying significant growth as a musician after the 9 year respite


When He Flies off to Nowhere

Written By: Stephanie Eden

Last night she started packing but she was already gone
her rage was burning thicker left untended too long.
Last night she started thinking but her mind had been made
then just as she was leaving her heart started speaking
and it said

When he flies off to nowhere he leaves no breadcrumbs on the way
and when you try to find him you just loose yourself behind him
so leave him alone and he will come home
even though he’s out across the sea
at home with you his true love his heart will always be.

She stopped in her tracks to be sure what she had heard
she dropped her bags and called him for a word
she said you love me then leave me alone in the night
he said to this I have admitted, but to you I am committed
so forgive me if I still can’t love you just right
then she said

When you fly off to nowhere you leave no breadcrumbs on the way
and when I try to find you I just loose myself behind you
so I’ll leave you alone and trust you’ll come home
even though you’re out across the sea
at home with me your true love your heart will always be.

He said that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you in my words
but loving you’s a language I’m still trying to learn
she said it’s hard for me to tell you all the things I feel
and as the walls came crashing down he said the only thing that’s real

is when I fly off to nowhere I leave no breadcrumbs on the way
and when you try to find me you just loose yourself behind me
so leave me alone and I will come home
even though I’m out across the sea
at home with you my true love my heart will always be

You Have Been Waiting for me

Written By: Stephanie Eden

God forgive me I have sinned again
But deep within me I thought I could win
I have noticed there's nothing I can do
When I'm feeling angry, and they say that isn't you.

But I hope that you wouldn't desert me
Cause I feel like you know that would hurt me
and when it comes right down to the truest true
for all my life, with all my heart, with every little thing I do
I am just looking for you.

Teacher teach me, erase my slate.
Savior save me, they say it's not too late

And I think that you always would take me
After all you did create me
And when I've gone down every avenue
when I've tried on every kind of shoe
I am still searching for you

Lover see me for all I am
gently open my heart with your hands
but don't forgive me for all I've done
cause I'm just a sky where light and dark both come

And with every emotion I ride
can you see my devotion inside
I am your daughter and I've tried to be
everything I think you want me to be
and so I'll stay inside and give up trying
trying to be good; trying to be right;
trying to be seen so I can finally see
You have been waiting for me.
Yes you have been waiting for me.

& So We Came Home

Written By: Stephanie Eden

We were afraid of what he might say
we were afraid there was no other way
we were afraid there was nowhere to go
we were afraid cause we didn't know

and so we came home
and so we came home
and so we came home
to love
love love love love love
to love

we were afraid we were chained to the past
we were afraid that our love wouldn't last
we were afraid we'd lose our pride
we were afraid there was nothing inside


feel into where you resonate
release the fear
and let love create
no matter what you left behind you
if you want to be found love will find you

love love love love love

we were afraid of what we might find
we were afraid but we are divine
we were afraid didn't matter what of
we were afraid til we came home to love

(don't look behind you love will find you)


1. Colors in Eden 2001
2. All That I Am 2010