Stephanie Heidemann

Stephanie Heidemann

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World Fusionist Stephanie Heidemann arranges & sings Early Spanish Music, R&B Singer-Songwriter, to Eastern European folksong, Indian Raga, and American Gospel.


Stephanie has been performing nationally since 1994. Her international upbringing in South America, Australia and Europe exposed her at a young and influential age such that by age 20 the course of her music was brought into the dimension of World Music.

For seven years, she toured nationally with the robust World Music a cappella quartet, “VIDA”. Managed by NYC's IMG-Artists, they toured the U.S. extensively, gaining local and national attention from Industry Press such as Billboard Magazine. They received much attention for their Eastern European and S.African harmonies after auditioning for Paul Simon's "The Capeman".
They recorded two albums-”VIDA” and “In Bloom”.

For 11-years, Stephanie has collaborated with Modern Drummer's acclaimed percussionist Julian Douglas. Together, they form “The Resonance Project”- composing avant garde voice and percussion pieces, drawing from African, Afro-Cuban, Eastern European, Jazz and Early Music. Collectively, they have created an extremely unique voice and style all their own.

In June 2008, they will perform for His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda Swamiji.
Their longtime-coming CD will be available Winter 2008.

In 2006, R&B Singer-songwriter Charles Gibson brought his vision to The Resonance Project for the collaboration and unfolding of music written after his brother's unfortunate death. After almost two years, they collectively bring their CD entitled: “Your Voice Through Mine”. (

Stephanie currently performs Early Spanish music, including 15c Sephardic and 13c Spanish “Cantigas de Santa Maria”. She has recorded a CD of this music entitled “The Cantiga Project”.
Stephanie performs these works with ensembles such as Asheville's acclaimed “Free Planet Radio” (World/Jazz fusion), blending Early Spanish music with Indian/middle-eastern innuendos.

Stephanie also performs with Los Angeles Composer/Concert Pianist Sergio Barer. Their concert series is entitled “Cantigas, Canciones y casi Canciones”- performing original pieces by Barer and piano/voice arrangements of Sephardic works.

Stephanie has shared the stage with NY's Metropolitan Opera highly acclaimed Mezzo, Brenda Boozer, whom she has studied with since 2004.


Por Nos, Virgen Madre / Night's Horizon

Written By: Stephanie Heidemann

"Por nos virgen madre,
rog a deus, teu padre
et fille amigo."

(The "Night's Horizon part of the song is all syllabic, written by S. Heidemann)

El Rey de Francia

Written By: 15c Sephardic traditional

El Rey de Francia, tres hijas tenia.
La una lavrava, la otra cuzia.

La mas chica de ellas, bastidor hazia.
Lavrando, lavrando, un sueno le caia

Su madre que la via, a'havar la queria.

"No maharvarex, mi madre
Ni maharvariax.
Un sueno me sonava bien y alegria."

"Sueno vos sonavas?
Yo vo lo soltariax."

"M'apari a la puerta, vide la luna entera.
M'apari a la ventana, vide la estrella Diana.
M'apari al pozo, vide un pilar de oro
con tres paxaricos picando el oro."

"La luna entera es la tu suegra.
La estrella Diana es la tu cunada.
Los tres paxaricos son tus cunadicos.
Y el pilar de oro, el hijo del rey,
tu novio."

Por Nos Virgen Madre

Written By: 13c Cantiga de Santa Maria, Anonymous

Por nos virgen madre
rog a deus, teu padre
e fille amigo
Rog a deus teu padre
e fille amigo

Por nos virgen madre
rog a Deus
Rog a Deus, teu padre
e fille amigo

Deena-deena takita
Deena-deena takita...

Arrange, Arrange

Written By: Stephanie Heidemann

Arrange, arrange the flowers of my heart into (a bouquet of) love
Contain, contain the sorrow of my soul into love
Merging color of the rainbow soften me to love, love, love.

Why do I always think companionship is 2000 miles away,
I want to empty my heart into yours
will you witness me there?
(in the empty)

Petals blowing all around the air
scattered yellows and greens fall to the floor


1) "The Cantiga Project" (Early Music/World)

2) "VIDA" (World/ A cappella)

3) "In Bloom" (World /A Cappella)

4) "Your Voice Through Mine" (R&B/Singer-songwriter)

Set List

Poder a Santa Maria (13c Spanish)
"Night's Horizon" (by S. Heidemann)
Por Que Llorax, Blanca Nina (15c Sephardic)
Santa maria, Strela do Dia (13c Spanish Devotional)
Zaspo Llanko (Croatian)
El Rey de Francia (15c Sephardic)
Rosa das Rosas (13c Spanish Devotional)
Copla de Ordeno (trad. Mexico)
Percussion solo
Bailadora (original)

Avg. 2x 45min sets