Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

I call it “jazzy junk-drawer pop” - a nod to that kitchen drawer full of things we somehow need to keep close - clues to who we are and where we’ve been... Influences: Motown, Carole King and James Taylor, and bands out of California like The Eagles and Steely Dan.


She is the singing voice of Pocahontas in the French language versions of Disney’s films and records. She won critical acclaim in the leading role of Eponine in the bilingual production of Les Misérables in Montreal - a role she went on to reprise for over 800 performances in Paris and London. She has headlined concerts for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and starred in two national tours of Japan. She has performed for Prime Ministers, European Royalty and a US President. Five years ago, Stephanie Martin made Toronto, Canada her home to focus full time on her own songwriting.


How Do You Measure Love?

Written By: Martin/Irschick

There’s a stopwatch on the table
A ruler in the old junk drawer
A scale up in the bathroom
Where you left me hanging behind the door
You said my love wasn’t strong enough
And then you said goodbye

Did you count up the kisses
Subtract all the tears
How did you measure love?
Did you pour over records
Back through the years
How did you measure love?

In the balance of pleasure and pain
Did you mine the hurt from the scars that remain?
Did you survey the joy from somewhere high up above?
How did you measure love?

Did you take a sample of passion
Observe under glass
How did you measure love?
Extrapolate heartache
From the grief that will not pass

All the times you were lonely and sad
Did you weigh them against all the good times we had
Floating on air somewhere high above?
How did you measure love?
How do you measure love?

And while no one’s looking
Angels dance on the head of a pin
While nobody’s counting
Sand shifts in this desert that we’re in
How many roses
Will bloom and wither and die this year
Nobody knows it
But forever is playing out right here

What counts at the end of the day
Is that you tallied us up and you summed me away
And I’m left over here with a grand total of

The heat of your kiss
And the weight of my tears
And what reason and logic
Will never make clear

Why is it so hard just to treasure love?

Box Canyon

Written By: Martin/Irschick

I’m just a cowboy
A travelling stranger
A lonely old dog
Riding high on the range
Roving from fissure to crevasse to canyon
I follow my fancy
And the winds of change

Insider’s wink
Curling finger that beckons
Air streams and riptides
Swirling away
Standing at crossroads
The different directions
Pulling and pushing
In every which way

Now there are places in life that you ride up into
And you will find that they go nowhere
Sometimes they’re harder than hell to get out of
You have to go back the way you came in
That’s a box canyon, yeah that’s a box canyon

I once met a girl
She was a runaway train
Like scrub brush rolling
On the open plain
Kicking up dust
She had me roped and tied
I had to buck hard
Just to get out alive
That’s a box canyon, she was a box canyon


From first light of daybreak
In each waking hour
Till the sun sets down low
And the day is done
I keep to the trail
With my trusted companions
My horse and my saddle
My wits and my gun

Through the narrow valley
And the mountain pass
Where danger crouches
In the tall, tall grass
The rushing current
Of the river bed
Offers no comfort
For my weary head
That’s a box canyon, now that’s a box canyon
Box canyon, box canyon
That’s a box canyon

Where Are You Now?

Written By: Martin/Irschick

Too many nights spent alone in this quiet room
Moping around in a sad, soupy gloom
Downstairs the family fire is burning out
Up in smoke, I can’t figure out

Where are you now
In my darkest hour
When I need, I need you most
Where are you now
When you swore it forever
I thought it could never end, never end

This is as plain as a love song ever ought to be
No metaphor or flowery poetry
Just the simple word of someone done wrong
I believe you have led me on, cause…

Where are you now
In my darkest hour
When I need, I need you most
Where are you now
Well you swore it forever
I thought it could never end, never end

There was a promise made and you broke it
A tender heart you freely gave and you revoked it
Day after day
Clear skies or gray
Even in your deepest despair
Wasn’t I always there…

Where are you now
In my darkest hour
When I need, I need you most
Where are you now
Oh, you swore it forever
I thought it could never, never, never end


"Shape, Line & Harmony" (LP) released Feb 2007
13 original tracks

As a contracted artist for Disney Records, Trema (France), EMI (Canada) and several others.

Set List

120 minutes of original music