stephanie mckay

stephanie mckay

 New York City, New York, USA

American rhythm and soul music with a modern edge. Influenced by classic artist such as Bill withers, James Brown and Micheal Jackson. Music encompasses hip hop, blues and soul.


The London New York Times says “ Mckay’s classic voice is steeped in the same fire as Aretha, Ann Peebles, Lyn Collins, and Judy Mowatt of the I-threes. Stephanie Mckay self titled debut album “MCKAY” was released in in 2003 on Polydor Universal and received international critical acclaim. Produced by Geoff Barrow (of Portishead fame) Stephanie takes us from the Bronx to Bristol with her own soulful brand of alternative modern rhythm and blues.


MCKAY album GO beat/Polydor UK
single Tell him
single Take me over
Stephanie mckay EP Astralwerks
Tell it like it is muthas of invention/k7

Set List

60-70 minute set
11 songs 12 with encore