Stephanie Paul

Stephanie Paul


Stephanie's character based comedy comes from the people she has contact with and real life experience. She's been lucky to travel and live all over the world. She says life's not black & white but a spectrum of color & "You can't be serious" it will kill you.


Stephanie Paul is a native New Zealander. She started her career in Middle Earth as an actress in both film and television, shooting over 60 commercials. Currently she can be seen on national US television in a Kraft commercial making grilled cheese sandwitches.

Eventually Stephanie crossed the pond for New York City, where she studied as an actress at The Neighborhood Playhouse, home of the Sanford Meisner Technique. She spent three years in The Big Apple, gaining additional theatre, commercial TV and feature film experience. Eventually, feeling the urge to go West, San Francisco was her next stop. Although she kept her focus on film and television, it was in Fog City where Stephanie began working with improvisation at Bay Area Theatre Sports (B.A.T.S.).

Stephanie’s improv talents eventually brought her to write and perform stand-up comedy. After it became obvious that a move to Tinsle Town was inevitable, she headed south to sunnier shores and quickly found a home with the LA improv troupe “Gumbo”, which opened the “Trippin On Tuesday’s” show at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. The show had a side-splitting six month run, and she got the chance to work with top comics that included Alex Thomas, Chris Tucker, Monique, and Earthquake.

Stephanie has since performed stand-up comedy across the globe, including The Classic in New Zealand, The Sydney Comedy Store in Australia, and The Comedy Nest in Montreal . Her regular California circuit includes The Improv in both San Jose and Hollywood, The Comedy Store in both Hollywood and La Jolla, and the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. In 2008 Stephanie is poised to embark on a significant North American tour, which will be sure to provide additional fodder to her already twisted observations on life.

Stephanie’s favorite comics that she has worked with include John Witherspoon, Arj Barker, Mark Pitta, and Dennis Blair. She hopes to one day work with some of her other favorites, including Billy Connelly, Eddie Izzard, Bobby Collins, Joe Rogan, Jim Breuer, Jermaine Clement, Ben Elton and the lovely French and Saunders. Stephanie believes that in life “you can’t be serious” - it is far too much fun not to be...



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