Stephanie Pauline

Stephanie Pauline

 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The folk/pop/rock songstress, Stephanie Pauline, acts as an artistic catalyst imbuing courage into listeners as we drink deeply of life's great store with her; mouthfuls of humanity: elation/fear on a voice that both bleeds and triumphs in the same breath.


Stephanie Pauline Professional Bio:
Stephanie Pauline is a prolific songwriter. With over 400 songs written Stephanie serves as an artistic catalyst, imbuing listeners with courage as they drink deeply of life's great store with her; mouthfuls of humanity: elation/fear on a voice that both bleeds and triumphs in the same breath. Though she borrows from many genres, Pauline takes her cues from pop music, crafting radio friendly songs that build and explode in a way that catches the ear. As a songwriter her ultimate musical goal is to have songs playing on pop/rock, country, and Christian radio. Listening to Stephanie, one is reminded of great artists like Sara McLachlan, Paula Cole, Jewel and Alison Krauss, as her voice pierces the soul and leaves listeners aching for more.

Stephanie's sincere lyrics and compelling melodies draw people of all ages, and walks of life. "I invite others into an honest moment and hopefully encourage them in their own pursuit of truth and a passionate life abandoned to the only thing worth living for: love. I've been pretty pressed in life and I think it has produced a severity and vulnerability in me that people just lean into. It pulls things up from deep within them and unearths hearts.” This depth, both in writing, and in the emotional presentation of her material, is due, at least in part, to the difficulties life dealt out in force in her young life to adolescence. After what she calls five years of darkness she says God recovered her and renewed within her an inborn sense of music that has accompanied her all through her life in varying degrees. She says that songwriting came to her like breathing or laughing; it's just always been a part of who she is and what she does. She was encouraged early on in her passion for music by her mother who sang her to sleep many nights to one home spun ditty or another.

Stephanie Pauline plays piano, and has co produced all of her recordings to date. The last two of which brought her to Nashville and LA where she recorded with some of the industry's best studio musicians. She performed over 70 dates from 2006-2007, and 60 in 2009, and is gearing up for 80 dates this year. Her music is currently being played on over 500 radio stations worldwide, landing three of Stephanie’s songs in the top 10 on the CRW Global Inspo and AC Chart and also on the Euro NCM Chart this year. One of her songs has been used on a sound track in a film called "My Lawyer," and she has won numerous song competitions. Her talents have garnered her a record label offers, a recent nomination for an Independent Singer Songwriter Association award, and the industry’s attention. In 2004 More than Music Inc., the hub of her music, was made an official non-profit.

Tied closely to all her endeavors is her goal of funneling the profits of her life's work to worthy causes, world relief efforts, and social evangelism. Stephanie Pauline has chosen to waive her salary since the non-profit was made a legal entity in 2004 to help enable that. 30% of her concerts are performed in detention centers and drug rehab facilities around the country and she has been on several humanitarian forays, including a month long mission to an orphanage in Vijayawada, India. Stephanie has seen firsthand the extensive destitution that plagues most of this planet and it is her destiny to use her gifts to make a difference here.



Written By: Stephanie Pauline

What goods a sacrifice if its not hard to make
Half the beauty in a day dream is its so easy to break
If you want to go I will understand
But if you stay you'll make me the happiest man

*Won't you Stay
Won't you Stay
Won't you Stay

Where's the need for faith if I can see my way
Manna for tomorrow can't be gathered today
Why am I so afraid what am I trying to say
It'd be so easy to leave but I'm asking you please won't you...

We can compliment or contradict
Live a life delusion or a love epic

Beautiful Day

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

I wake to find the chain of the porch swing creakin' in time
And coloras fall like embers from a deep blue sky
For you and I
For you and I

*Oh beautiful Day
Fill my heart with your power
Beautiful Day
My greatest gift my finest hour
And I may not know all of what's to come
And I may not know what to say
But I know - I know
This is a beautiful Day

And all of what's to come and all of what came before
Doesn't matter anyhow doesn't matter anymore
This is what we're made for
this is what we're made for
The kitty meanders up the steps the traffic rattles by
They don't know a thing about what's between you and I
Kiss tears from my eye
It's joy we cry

Bridge: Thank you - Thank you - Thank you
Maker of this day
If we never received another
We couldn't fault your gracious ways

I Can Do That

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

So much regret
Do you know me yet
So much fear
Brought me here
So much misery
Paved my way
But still I'm standing before you today

*and I can smile just as easy as I cry
I can fall just as quickly as I fly
And if you want me to bow at your feet
I can do that with the dignity of a queen

So much doubt
Have you figured me out
So much rage
At a tender age
So much heartache
But still as I prayed
I'm so much more then just that today

*I can sing just as loudly as I scream
I can breathe just as deeply as I dream
And if you want me to fall in love with you
I can do that - too

A Little More

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

Is it five, six, or seven
I'm losing track of the years
no we're not quite the kids we were
So sure and cavalier
I can feel it in your kiss hello
And in the press of hugs goodbye
Like a certain something deeper
There behind your eyes

*We're a little more humble
A little more real
A little more broken
And a little more healed
A little more like
What we first dreamed of
There's a little more faith
And a lot more love

There have been nights of anger
Too many now to count
Followed by hours of passion
God's grace alone accounts
We've fought hard to find your tears
And I to have cried my part
But what we lack in perfect
We more than make up in heart

-Trembling hands held open
Tears on a face upturned
There's no taking
the war out of warrior
Nor the pain of what was learned
-Trembling hands held open
Tears on an upturned face
There's no taking
the war out of warrior
But here's to giving a safe place
To be...a little more...

It Happened

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

-In a darkened shadow box
she places a picture
of a groom and his bride
on their wedding day
-Thoughtfully garnishing
with honeymoon stubs and currency
ring boxes and ribbons
in the usual way
-She seals it with care
and centers on the wall
then with joy
just a little ways above
-She hangs a verse
with satisfaction
that says
"The greatest of these is love"

*It happened
I was there
Though the world doesn't care
It matters to me
It happened
While the rest were asleep
Those dreams that I keep
Came to be
It happened to me

-There in the countryside
stands an old farmhouse
with rusted old
swingset to the west
-I see broken out windows
the paint is cracked and faded
but the carpentry
bears the mark of grandpa's best
-Here in the nursery
by the homemade bassonet
you can hear the echoes
of grandma's tender ways
-And out by the barn on the weathered combine
If you listen you can
almost hear him say

-200 years from now
that shadow box will be dust
and mine will be some name
in a family tree
-Oh but all that has been is wrapped up in the now
there's one thing
time can't take from me

Love Never Fails

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

VS 1
What did the soldier see
When he was lifed up
Despite his humanity
And the taste of a bitter cup
Beneath a blood stained face
Was ther fear in His eyes
No just an unwavoring sense of purpose
And a peace uncomromised

Cause Love Never Fails
Even when its pierced wth nails
When no one ever could
Love will make it good

Verse 2
When I come with my struggles
Pouring out of trembling hands
Thinking finally I've botched the job
And fallen far beyond His plan
Then he takes me fast and faithful
Till I look Him in the eyes
To see such knowing confidence
I'm left breathless with surprise

Imagine the sure stance
of a fate already sealed
He can't deny Himself
we will be healed
So called failures serve as seed
To treasures deep and rare
In Him death is salvation
And pain is redemption
In His care...
Here's leave to love
Now love to truly live
Never means never
means never means never...

Anything to be with You

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

Vs 1
My heart turns to try
to take you in
I stand awestruck
by this sweetness
Nothing before
or ever after
Gives me such a
sense of completeness

Anything to be with you
To feel your presense
breaking through
Your power your peace
Your grace and Truth
Father, anything to be with You

Vs 2
All I've clung to
falls away
As my hands reach up
in praise
So known, my need
my broken parts
Yet never have I
been so safe...

You ask me
for nothing less
Than all my beauty
and brokenness
And it was you
with your relentless pursuit
Who first said anything
to be with you
You held nothing back
You love me that much
And now I'd give
Anything - anything - anything
To feel your touch

Rush the Sea

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

I stand on the shoreline
Of who I'm made to be
Dipping my toe
Instead of rushing the sea
So afraid of
my own humanity
But remind me again
Why christ cme to die
something about freedom
For you and I
Myabe is time to give
that a try...

Rush the sea past the shallows
To Find whats true
Breathe deep swim hard
In my center I find you

The water it rushed past
and my muscles they burn
But I will not giveup no
Though the waves toss and churn
This is my destiny
and if there's one thing I've learned
I'll never become
If I won't be
Yes I'm scared
but fear can't anchor me
No excuses no shortcuts
Just open sea...

We're so afraid to really try
To lay our dreams on the line
But now if I err let it be
In reckless abandon
To the heart you've given me


Written By: Stephanie Pauline

Delicate bravery with your
gentle folds
Standng in the medow
so timid but bold
Yo gotta beat the weather
Open up before its cold
No your not to young
No your not to old

Wildflower stretching
toward the sun
I pull up my roots
and take off at a run
It's a great day to
have some fun
I'm gonna singand dance
till this day is done

I'm standing on a step stool
reaching for the sky
But I'd rather fly and fall
then never try
I'm not afraid of laughing
not afraid to cry
Not afraid to live
and not afriad to die

Some plant their seeds where they want them to grow
Neat and tidy in their
clean cut rows
but see my beauty's
of a different kind...
Some call me
a weed and nusane
They try to kill me
but still more come to dance
M seeds scatter
on the sweet summer breeze
Its a great day
to do as you please

You and Me

Written By: Stephanie Pauline

Vs 1
A window in space and time
Where your hand reaches mine
And all else fades away
but you and me
And you spin me around
Tear stained letters & brokencrowns
Turn to sonnets and stars
and we both agree...that there's

No better place
on earth to be
No better moment
in all of history
Beyond all matter
all time contingency
This is you and me

Vs 2
Maybe a century maybe a day
I'm lost in the lines of your face
And all creation celebrates
for you and me
And you spin me around
Lightneing bugs an cricket sounds
Turn to angel with beating wings
And we both agree...that there's

this love shivers,
shimmers and shakes
And all less than divine
is caught in its wake

Vs 3
And everyone stops and stare
As bottle tops and folding chairs
turn to diamonds and thrones
Don't ask me how don't ask when
Street light glare and traffic din
Turned to chandelers and symphonies
but we all agree...there's


Rush the Sea:
Four radio singles off Rush the Sea, (Love Never Fails, I Will, Toy Soldier and Anything to be with You), stayed in the top ten on the Euro NCM Chart and on the CRW Global Charts for weeks throughout 2008 and 2009. Over 600 known radio stations in the US and abroad are now playing the music of Stephanie Pauline. Its only the beginning.

Deep Blue Sky:
A 60 date Deep Blue Sky tour was done in 2009 in tandem with international radio promotion.

Set List

Stephanie likes to keep things unpredictable, but you can always count on a combination of deep, emotionally compelling songs interwoven with her personal stories of brokenness and redemption and a shift to songs full of promise, hope and surrender. People come up to us after the shows generally in tears saying "Wow! Are you for real? Where did you come from?!" It's never a concert. It's an experience.