Stephanie Pickett

Stephanie Pickett

 Robina, Queensland, AUS

My acoustic/ folk music is a deep, emotional wave of that gives insight into my subconscious and life story. Delivered with powerful vocals, acoustic guitar and a sturdy stage presence I strive to leave every audience member feeling like they have just shared an intricately intimate moment with me.


Smooth, passionate and emotive are three key words that define the performance of local Gold
Coast artist Stephanie Pickett, whose genuine persona polishes off her unique style. With
imaginative lyrics that have a compelling honest truth about them, her audiences are left hanging
onto every last word.

Stephanie was lucky enough to have been accepted to study at Griffith University’s
Conservatorium, where she now lives and breathes music. The four walls of this musical
wonderland have cradled the young Gold-Coaster through her exploration into her creative mind.
Upon completion of this degree, she plans to take her music over to Europe where she will continue
to flourish as an inspiring artist.

Although she has always been a passionate performer at heart, with her soon to be released, self-
recorded debut EP, glistening in the near distance, there is an exciting energy in the air of each and
every one of her performances. The music within this EP comes directly from her own artistic
stream, as all recording and production has taken place within the Conservatorium studios, with
the help of co-producer Steph Costan. Having worked alongside industry standard producers and
professionals throughout her degree, Stephanie saw no reason for her not to write, record and
produce all of her own music. A total DIY job!

With her EP in one hand and a road map in the other, she will be setting off on her Australian
tour late 2012.


Stephanie Pickett EP

Set List

Consumed - original
The Dust - original
The Train - original
Electric Feel - MGMT cover
Understand - original
A While - original
Such Great Heights - Postal Service cover
Jeg Elske Deg (I love you) - original
The Poet - original
Grand Optimist - City and Colour cover
Painting - original