Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick


Debussy, Bartok, and Tcherepnin, with a little Chick Corea thrown in, and pop singer-songwriter sensibility.


Rearick began writing music in the early '90s when she and friends formed
the widely respected circus-trance-rock outfit Your Mom SRO, now The Coma
Savants. Since then she has served as the band's principal songwriter,
singer, keyboardist, and sometimes trumpeter.

Rearick has been playing piano since childhood, favoring composers such as
Debussy, Bartok, and Tcherepnin, with a little Chick Corea thrown in. These
influences show in her writing, which intertwines a classical discipline
with pop singer-songwriter sensibility.

Rearick's solo writing tends to incorporate more classical elements and
leans toward a more melancholy feel. She uses dissonance and unusual
harmonies to create new and interesting soundscapes which are complemented
by her elastic vocals and thoughtful, literate lyrics ("Elegy", "Wading",
"The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"). Her solo work also includes a number of
instrumental piano compositions ("Folk Tune", "Bagatelle", "Cosmic").
Rearick's solo CD, "The Long Picnic" includes two cover songs -- a beautiful
rendition of "Morpha Too" by Alex Chilton (from Big Star's "Radio City") and
"Boating" by Bela Bartok -- which exemplify the range of Rearick's musical


Not Another Minute

Written By: Stephanie Rearick

Got another weekend for you, baby
Got another weekend for you now
Yeah we got another weekend for you darlin'
This weekend's gonna be a bitch, and how
Oh, yeah

Got another supper for you, grandma
even though you couldn't take another bite
Yeah we got another supper for you darlin'
just because you won't put up a fight

No, not another minute

Got another drip in store for grandma
got another drip in store for sure
Yeah we got another drip here for you darlin'
This drip'll keep you coming back for more
Oh, yeah

Let's have another birthday partygrandma
We could even prop you up in bed
Yeah we're coming to the birthday party, darlin'
Couldn't really hear you when you said

No, not another minute


The Long Picnic
Uvulittle Records