Stephanie Shinno a.k.a Lyrical

Stephanie Shinno a.k.a Lyrical

 Waimea, Hawaii, USA

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808 Flavor

Written By: Stephanie Shinno a.k.a Mz. Lyrical

Yeah ho hey, uh yeah---
I think I landed where I landed
Hey now, 808 Kauai do you feel me?
Yeah ho, uh uh uh uh uh uh,

You ain't never see a chick like me,
Do it down on a track like a melody,
Baby boy what you know about a realist chick like me
Uh ho, yeah--yeah

I'll come up to the club rollin, like I own it,
But always so humblely,
I know you want me,
But baby boy, you ain't gonna have me
Because I'm that realist chick
I'm that type you take home to your mama,
After a year from now,
You ain't gonna have the cookies
If you don't work for it,
Thats on the real shit list, yeah oh yeah huh--

Hey now what you want from me?
You ain't gonna get it so easily,
Baby, I'm a physcodelic kind of person,
Yeah I put you on trip, and never on a blast, no no
I know that you want it, But you gotta work for it
If you want it,
Cause I'll make sure that I'll lay it down on you,
When you having a bad day,
I'll put a smile on you, so easily like the 808 crew do,
We flowin in the ocean, what you know about that,
Our streets make presidents yes we raise um
Don't talk about your streets, they aint nothing like ours :)
History in the making baby,
Don't you know what i'm about?
Cause I'm all real
You hey yeah yeah
You hey yeah yeah
You got me (2x)
This is how I go down down down yeah yeah
You got me (2x)
You got me yeah
You got me (2x)
Hey yeah yeah
This is my time, gonna shine, don't whine,
People get a feeling, lets go,
Back to the roots of it all,
Cause you ain't seen an asian persuasion,
Doing her thing like this yeah, yeah,
You aint got nothing (2x)

Nothing on me eh baby,
Won't you sit back relax,
Let me shine, cause you 'll be on the next train (or plane?)
Out of here
If you don't listen to me baby, you'll be steppin to the little trogs that your use to, step up a little bit, and upgrade yourself (Talk)
Uh oh
You ain't never seen a chick like me,
You ain't never heard a chick ryhme like this,
Melodies flow threw my head instantly baby,
Let me DEFUSE you,
You had a hard day at work,
Let me do it for you,
Cause I can do it anyway you like :)