Stephanie Susberich

Stephanie Susberich


I write orchestral rock music; Marc Bolan meets Maria Callas. Cosmic Rock.


When I was a little girl I listened to Ecuadorian folk music, nursery rhymes, and old records of classical music. I made my New York singing debut at the age of 8 in the famous opera showcase at Cafe Taci. My musical journey as a writer has been influenced by composers such as Amadeus Mozart, Hector Berlioz, and singers such as Maria Callas and Bidu Sayao. Being a New Yorker, I have an affinity for 1970s rockers such as Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Television, David Byrne, the Dolls, Blondie, and Warhol. My two greatest inspirations are Marc Bolan and Maria Callas. Michael Jackson's spirit informs my art.

I've had a very eclectic life. Having lived and studied in Europe, graduated from NYU, traveled in Guatemala and South America, and ridden a motorcycle through Siam in Southeast Asia, my life has been filled with creativity and adventure. I lived in an artist collective in Brooklyn, in a gypsy caravan on the West Coast, and have even been a street performer in NYC, which got me noticed by Jonathan Demme and asked to be a guest electric guitarist in his movie, Rachel Getting Married.

When I lived in L.A. I performed every week at the Viper Room. My show was a mixture of original pop and performance art, combined with dancers and a very beautiful female DJ.

I am and have always lived my truth. My message is simply this: Make Way for Love.

The music is fun and youthful, but also beautiful. With roots in the classical and in the songs of other cultures, my form of rock is something Berlioz would be happy to conduct.


no official releases yet.

Set List

Sets are approx. 40 minutes

Ageless Soul
Make Way for Love
I love L.A.
Childhood Dreams
Mystic Avalon
Rock and Roll and a Microphone

Vissi D'arte (Puccini)
We Belong (Pat Benatar)
Like a Prayer (Madonna)