Stephanie Thomson

Stephanie Thomson

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN
BandCountryAdult Contemporary

Stephanie is working on her latest A/C album, co-written and produced with Tommy Sims, (Grammy Award-winner for writing Change The World in '96). This project should be ready Spring of 2010. She has written an entire 12 chapter romance novel to accompany the music.


With over a decade of intense live performance experience, Steph has captured the hearts of countless fans, and has gained interest from within the industry across both the USA and her home country of Canada. She is presently performing as the lead singer and dancer playing 'Agnetha' in the International ABBA tribute band, 'Bjorn Again'; the only group endorsed by the real ABBA in the world. Stephanie was influenced as a child by Christian Contemporary and pop music, but because of where she lived, moved into country-pop music to make a living. As she grew as an artist, she found herself in pop sensibilities and is recording her first positive pop album with none other than the Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Tommy Sims. From her early success winning the 1994 Bud Country Talent Search to mainstage appearances at the Big Valley Jamboree, Merritt Mountain Music Festival, Nashville North, Dauphin CountryFest and countless venues in between, Stephanie has channelled her love of singing into a successful independent career.

As an independent recording artist, Stephanie realizes the need for diversity. She has been the only female showtour producer in Canada to put together shows of 18 Canadian stars to perform overseas for the Troops all over the U.S.A., Canada, as well as in Bosnia, Egypt, Israel, England, Afghanistan, and more.


It'll Be Alright (love is Here)

Written By: Tommy Sims, Stephanie Thomson

It'll Be Alright
Tommy Sims/Stephanie Thomson
(Start with chorus)

Verse 1
Flash Back flash from the past, oh so sad
Cloudy days but the rain knew to heal the pain
I was thirsty for giving love
I had to get me some, get me some
I never felt love hit me like this before
And my heart tells me that I want more

Love is here and it's gonna last, it's gonna last
Love has come to redeem the past, bring forever
Like a child waking through the night
Love is a guiding light
and it shines so bright
Every heart searching for a home, for a home
Always know that you're never, never alone
Keep your head up to the sky
and in the by and by
it's gonna be alright, alright, it'll be alright
Gonna be alright, it'll be alright

Verse 2
Didn't know I could find a man, right for me
Ya came along and your love it has set me free
Turned around in the nick of time
I almost lost my life
Feels good to come alive
and with your love, you must be an angel
Sent from above you saved me from
My own hell


Written By: Stephanie Thomson, Rob James, JJ Voss

Rob James/Stephanie Thomson/JJ Voss

Verse 1
I was walking down the street today
I thought I'd turn and walk away
When I caught the corner of your eye
But you just walked on by
and I miss your smile
Oh, it's been awhile

Verse 2
So I pretend the pain is past
and all we are is fading fast
Your warmth is still here in my bed
But you're a stranger in my head
And then you're gone, You're gone
ya know it's been so long
(pre-chorus 1)
I still feel you inside
At least I can say I tried

And Someday I'll find
My one last piece of mind
and everything will be just fine
and I'll believe in me

Verse 3
Oh it's like a part of me has died
You didn't even say goodbye
the part of me I can't get back
is lost in all the lies
But I'll love again
I just don't know when

(pre-chorus 2)
I'm still hurting inside
But you won't see me cry

Oh Angie

Written By: Mark Willms, Stephanie Thomson, Tommy Sims

Oh Angie
Mark Willms, Stephanie Thomson, Tommy Sims

Verse 1
Oh Angie, this dance of anger
Left it's mark upon your soul
You're porcelain smile
and sweet brown eyes
Hide an ancient story told
A man against a woman

Verse 2
That mongrol dog is barking at your heels
No he won't leave you alone
He wants to steel your life, your love
Because he cannot find his own
You've never really known what it feels like to be free
and his money could have bought you anything at all
But you reached out for me

Oh Angie, Hang on babe
For one more night
I'll be there, be there with you
To dry your eyes
I don't wanna let go, I don't wanna let go, (I will never let go)

Verse 3
Oh Angie, your passion flows
From your heart through my veins
And I feel you're loss of days and years
Though you want to live again
I'd like to be the one to ease your pain
Even though the sights and sounds of life
within your head, they still remain

You gotta know
Your not alone
There's healing in your tears
I've been there
I've walked that road
and I lived to let you know
God will never let you go!


Dead Man Walking

Written By: Stephanie Thomson, Tommy Sims

Dead Man Walking
Tommy Sims/Stephanie Thomson

Verse 1
Why can't I touch you
I know you're there
Why Can't I feel you...
Could have sworn you'd
never leave
Your promises
I thought you'd keep
And I believed
Oh I believed

Verse 2
You're like a shell now
Where'd you go?
I wanted to find you
Let you know
I'm so sorry, I somehow
Can't help you now
I don't know how
To turn back time
and fix you

I will not hate you
I'll Love you More
And from a distance
I guess I'll leave you now
To fight your one man war
just like the times before
You walked out the door
This is your drama now
I'm not the one
This is the ending that you wanted
It's the story you were writing from the start
and I will not play a part
Here in this dead man walking act
You are the start

Verse 3
I could have sworn you
Became a ghost
Are these the hands that
Once held me close
Where are the eyes
That could look at me?
And right away somehow see
All I could be?
All that I need?

Second Chances

Written By: Stephanie Thomson, Mark Oliverius

Second Chances
Mark Oliverius, Stephanie Thomson
(Copyright, 2007)

Verse 1
On a night in December he broke you down
Made you bleed, kept coming around
Should a never answered when he came to the door
Now he’s inside your head, and he’s back for more
The time has come to say Goodbye
Take back your life, starting tonight

And in this life, everybody needs
Second Chances
Just look around, and always believe
In Second Chances

Verse 2
And I know it is lonely when you say no
I know you’re tired of being alone
Will a night of passion dissolve the pain?
When you wake up, things are still the same
The best revenge is living right
Staying strong, getting through the night

Go to chorus

And in the emptiness you’ll find yourself on your own
When you lose everything that freedom brings you home

Cowboys R Kool

Written By: Stephanie Thomson/Chris Burke-Gaffney

(Talk spot):
I want that gentleman…that tough as nails man who’d never do any harm to the woman he’s holding in his arms
Verse 1
Well I always thought I’d like New York best
But now I’m stuck pushing papers on my boss’s desk
Well he can get his own dam latte café
Cause I really need to get away
Pre-Chorus 1
So I spent all my money
On a taxi cab
I said take me to the country
I need change real bad
We pulled up to Knoxville
It looked kind of nice
And that’s when you walked into my life

Chorus 1:
Oh Boy,
Since I met you
I’ve been wearing cowboy boots
I’ve found the sunset’s point of view
Cause now I know
Cowboyz R Cool

Verse 2
(Huh! You know what I’m talking about)
I was the right girl looking for the wrong man
Until your rodeo changed my plans
Now you’re the only apple in my eye
And N. Y. City can kiss my assets goodbye…yah!
Pre-Chorus 2
Well I wrote ‘Dear Abbey’ for some advice
She said a change of scenery might be nice
Well you look pretty good to me
You fit me like my favorite blue jeans

Go to Chorus 1

And now that I know you’re mine all mine
I’m giving up on Calvin Klein
Skinny-dipping with you
And a bottle of wine
Suits me just fine
We’ll talk until the sun goes down
We’ll dance and you’ll spin me
Round and round
Round and round…..

CHORUS CHANGE after Bridge:
Oh Boy since I met you
I’m running round like a lovesick fool
I don’t know how you do what you do
All I know is Cowboyz R Kool
Oh my my,
Since I met you
I’m gonna kick off my high heeled shoes
Well I’m in the mood to break some rules
And now I know,
And now I know,
And now I know…….
Cowboyz R Kool

Memphis Rain

Written By: Stephanie Thomson/Chris Burke-Gaffney/Stan Meissner

Memphis Rain

Verse 1
I saw the old Footage
On A and E
He said, ‘I have a dream’
For you and me
My momma taught me
Wrong from right
But the television screen
Was in black and white
All that surrounded my life
Were the colors in the Tennessee skies
As blue as the river
where I wash my shame
I drown my sorrow
in The Memphis Rain
It draws right back here
again and again
I’m searching for
some kind of salvation
In the Memphis Rain
Verse 2
Shady justice, shaded trees
But not enough shade
to hide the bigotries’
The river runs red
in the Mississippi sun
And the cold rain pours down, down on everyone
All that surrounded his life
Was the thunder
in the Tennessee skies
I want to see the dream come true
I want to see you dream it too
Everybody feels the pain
When you’re caught in the Memphis Rain

Modern Day Attraction

Written By: Stephanie Thomson/Chris Burke-Gaffney

Modern Day Attraction
Stephanie Thomson/Chris Burke-Gaffney
Verse 1
In the modern day convention
There’s a list of new inventions
Nifty notions, gadgets, trinkets
Make it, play it, buy it break it
I can be your one desire
The fantasy that takes you higher
I’ll be your imagination
You’ll be my infatuation

Pre-Chorus 1
Evolution’s going crazy
My love can free you baby

It’s emotional, it’s chemical, it’s magical, invinsibe
It’s inclined to be a natural complexity
Logic can be tragically missing simple remedy
If you create the right reaction
I can be your Modern Day Attraction

Verse 2
Airplanes can come crashing down
But heaven never hits the ground
Angels don’t get caught in traffic
Miracles don’t need graphics
Cellular phone conversation
Endless needless complication
Don’t you want some sweet sensation
Physical communication

Pre-Chorus 2
Air pollution makes you hazy
I can clear it all up baby

When the human race is too fast
Try a little Love


Presently: finishing a positive message album with Grammy Award-winning Tommy Sims, whom produced the project and co-wrote some of the songs with an accompanying romance novel based on my real life drama of overcoming domestic violence and having a second chance in life.
County Album: Modern Day Attraction (May 2004). Singles to date: Modern Day Attraction (BDS Top 50-Country), What Do I Gotta Do (video in pop and country formats to CMT Canada and MuchMoreMusic), Those Memories (just released in U.S.).
EP: Stephanie (2001) . Single: I Don't Know You Anymore.
Album: Almost Blue (1997) 2004. Singles: Love, Love, Love; Phyllis & Don; and Rockit Scientist from charted in Country Music Top 30.

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