Stephanie Tiangco

Stephanie Tiangco


This heavy hitting pop artist is just what the industry has waited for in a pop star. Tunes have the new approach to pop with melodies that colorfully lift out of the speakers. This is the pop music the younger generations are hungry to hear. Pop with artistic flare


You are just supposed to be, whatever you’re supposed to be.”

Are the words of emerging songstress Stephanie Tiangco when asked how she would describe her music style. She makes her own rules possessing a deep appreciation for lyrics and melody.

Anything but average Stephanie Tiangco commands an edge that no single mainstream artists has come close to within the last two decades. Singer / Songwriter, Producer, Choreographer, she is an all around talent. A triple threat and something the music industry has yet to see. The debut album “Hard Times” colorfully and lyrically shares her creative mind.

But don’t let her dainty, petite frame, fool you; this young little songstress is larger and louder than life. She is a sight to be seen as she effortlessly glides and bounds around the stage, every note sung with the same strong and emotional intention. She is a performer that pleasantly does just that. Her performances and talent are as much unforgettable as undeniable.

As we sit I ask her
Q:“So who are your influences? What inspired your musical style?
A: “ I am a product of pop culture, and a fan of all music.”
Q: “Let me rephrase, what is in your top play lists right now.”
A: “ Let me think, umm… Muse, Bjork, Tina Tuner, Bill Withers, Jeff Buckley, Jay Z, The Vines, John Mayer, Cyndi Lauper, M.I.A. love her…”

With such a variety of musical influences it is no wonder her music is so impressively unique, yet nostalgically familiar at the same time. Her songs are stories told with a soothing and bittersweet tongue. Her lyrics are curt and poetically to the point. When listening you can feel the colors and emotion jumping out of the stereo.

As a child Stephanie’s family experienced both personal and financial struggles. She grew up all over southern California and moved frequently sometimes once to twice a year. By the time she had reached her freshmen year she had attended 13 different schools. The constant change was hard on her to socially adjust but “ there was always music...” Steph says.” By the ninth grade she was already working full time and by her sophomore year she had moved out and was fully supporting herself. When asked to comment about her struggles as a young artist she said, “When things got really bad I just had to find that right song, go find a spot, and just let it talk to me. A good melody can heal anything. I started writing for that reason.”

At this point in the young stars life she realized if she really wanted to birth a song from beginning to end she would have to not only write, but also learn to engineer and produce all of her work from start to finish. Every spare cent went towards gear, every spare second she was in front of a counsel, soaking in any information she could.

After co-producing her first album she is currently being courted by five major record labels. When asked about this experience Steph said:

“ Before the first meet I was a mess! I didn’t know what to expect. My team said things like, sing this sing that, don’t say this don’t say that. Finally during the first meet I realized how normal the execs are and not like the cold shoulder guys I was imagining. The first interview I did Black Star by Radiohead. During the meet my guys kept texting each other messages to get me to tame it down a bit. It was hilarious. But the man completely got my vibe.” -Translation: They loved the sweet loud crazy little thing that strutted into their office. She went on to say she was surprised that the first thing they had her do was sing “…it was like sing monkey sing…ha-ha” she giggled. In the last of the meetings just for fun, she shocked label execs and her longtime manager Rene Pereda, by singing acapella “Bohemian Rhapsody.” “My guys thought I was joking when I said I was gonna do that song”.

Now this twenty-year-old entertainer half a decade of professionally being a part of this industry behind her, has enough music to fill 5 albums. Her debut CD is a true testament of her resilience as a young woman. Her imaginative spirit is evident in every song, as the entire project was the brainchild of this young artist right down to the album’s artwork. Every sound reflects Stephanie’s thoughts on life, love, and being on her own. Every track is so unique, and shows a different side of her, from the sweet and soothing sounds of a young girl searching for a place to call home in Heart a Little Closer, to the bitter-tongued, angry lyrics heard in Hard Times.

Stephanie Tiangco’s long anticipated album is set for a early 2008 release to be followed by a video release by early winter. Look out for this fresh new face in local live venues near you as the gear up for the albums national promotional tour. She is truly an artist to be seen and heard.



Written By: Stephanie Tiangco

Watch what you say boy I I I’m on the edge clinically insane boy yes yes yes...yes I pledge the verdicts in you caught my bluff
I’m not the girl you thought I was I need more that a little relief no sex or drug could validate me cause
I get so close then, and then begin to fall back to the start then then again
finger finger to trigger barrel barrel to chest one bullet lays this body body body body to rest
So tell me what would you do to walk the same line but I’ve got something to prove But not enough, enough time I feel so worn I feel so used A myriad of self-abuse I saw the holes I fell right in my tunnel vision that makes me sin cause

I live so loud that I’m going deft and I can't stand the sound of this silence-ness
So tell me when enough’s enough they kick me down I get back up so tell me what I’ve got to loose there’s no way out its just no use

So baby don't push my hand I’m doing the best I can there’s only so much I can take before this mind starts to break

Cry For Creation

Written By: Stephanie Tiangco

I stand on the shore I could get my feet wet deep waters want more I sift through the sand I look for a light waters calling me I here in my mind
The cry of creation fall of a nation sad realization ability it starts with me
Cry humble fall to your knees tears are weaved in the melody
I Become the things I own possession is the greatest way to stand-alone
I need to reach out this shell time for fear and doubt to be put back on the shelf
I cry for creation cry for my nation self-realization simplicity it starts with me

Make It Count

Written By: Stephanie Tiangco

There’s no sleep for me no way to rest too much to say too much to test
My thoughts they race my head it spins got nothing to lose when will I win
I can feel the pain it takes you gotta take it in but what a shame and how can I stand stand to take it It’s not what I want or what I’m needing / I’m looking for change I’m looking for progress it feels all the same I give more I get less / I’m pushing it too far out I’m wearing it too low I need to let one count I need to let it flow / I could runaway leave it behind chasing dragons a hobby of mine and there’s that sky some day I’ll touch it’s all or nothing and it’s not that much / I’m looking for change I’m looking for progress it feels all the same I give more I get less / So where does it lead what’s the purpose I need to believe I need to be certain / I’m pushing it too far out I’m wearing it too low I need to let one count I need to let it flow / So take a look make it last cause the time don’t wait for the past its here and now make it count do it for love cause its all its about / I’m pushing it too far out I’m wearing it too low I need to let one count I need to let it flow


Hard Times ( the album )

Hard Times EP

Catch Me (single featuring DJ Jay Quik)

Connerman ( single )

Set List

sets depending on venue.

Headliner / Opening Acts :
sets are usually 10-15 songs
consisting of mostly original material and several covers ( like foo fighters, bjork, cyndi lauper )