Steph Bowlin

Steph Bowlin


Steph Bowlin's simple guitar lines are complimented greatly by her strong unique voice and her strong songwriting, she possesses an honesty with her voice and with her words that many can relate to.


Steph Bowlin has been filling up the air in local coffeehouses/pubs and small venues with her voice since fall of 2003, she is often joined on stage by other local musicians for some well rehearsed fun or even some musical improv, but presents a stellar show all on her own. Steph's voice is used just as much as an instrument as her guitar and she's influenced by voices of Mirah, Mazzy Star, and Cyndi Lauper as well as the song writing of Radiohead, Rainer Maria, and Aimee Mann, She's been compared to Natalie Merchant, Sinead O' Connor, and early Liz Phair.


2 Live/Demo cds available as well as a new full length entitled "So As Not To Burn" which is a preview of a cd to be released next fall courtesy of Free Records, all available for no cost to those who attend.

Set List

Set List varies, new songs are constantly being written, but usual tracks that pop up include:
Just What Happens
Everything Else
Autumn Falls
Til It's Not
Without Words
(all off "So As Not To Burn")
Stilll Learning How To Fall
(all off live/demo cds)
The Girl Agrees to go to Paris
(new songs)
I've covered Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", Aimee Mann's "Save Me", Joni Mitchell's "River", and little known songs by bands like Piebald and Mercury Rev, all covers stay true to original lyrics but are usually re-harmonized to give them my own feel.