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The best kept secret in music


"Global Business Best Practices"

Commentary on Presentation by Mr. Stephen Banick:

….Stephen Banick’s presentations utilizing his colorful detail of his extraordinary travel experiences melded together with timely new world information helps his audiences understand how to relate, communicate, and integrate best business practices for acceptance and success . He is a “must see” for those interested in doing business across their borders!

Charlotte Hodel, IOM
Vice President Business Development & Public Affairs
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Chandler, Arizona
- Chandler, AZ, Chamber of Commerce

"Global Guru"

If you are seeking to grow your business globally, you
certainly need a Guru like Steve Banick of the
Gulliver Project, who has traveled all six continents.
and now entertaining the
world with his treasure of knowledge.

I read his book- "The New Gullivers" - as a great
inspiration, and a "Win Win" text.


Dr.P.N.Misra ,
Advocate, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce,
Arizona - Indo-American Chamber of Commerce


Still working on that hot first release.



For students and educators trying to come to grips with the challenges of the global workforce, Stephen Banick -- "The "Global Career Catalyst" --is a refreshing study-in-contrast:

As a globe-trotter, adventure/traveler, multiculturalist and author/speaker, Steve’s always had an incurable case of (what he calls) “Sagittarian wanderlust,” spending considerable chunks of his adult lifetime romping around the longitudes, latitudes and attitudes of the Global Classroom.

As a classically trained MBA, business owner, recruiting manager, sales and marketing director and former industrial engineer, he just can’t help trying to figure out how to “optimize” things, whether it’s one’s own career, international relations or some very cool process!

Combining his six continents' of "cross-cultural collisions" with a keen understanding of global business forces, Steve has created a unique and engaging way of preparing students for the opportunities – and challenges – of the new global marketplace/workforce.

Steve's big on reminding people that whether we like it or not – or even realize it or not – "globalization" and "multiculturalism" are already here NOW, and will be fundamentally shaping our careers and society for decades to come. Therefore, it only makes sense to avail ourselves of the “good” aspects while learning how to avoid or prevent the “bad” downsides.

Steve’s presentations inspire, “edu-tain” and prepare students for connecting with – and CREATING – passionate, profitable careers. Students, educators and administrators alike will receive keen insights into:

-- The coolest (or is it “hottest”?) new industries, vocations and even countries (Just what is a “retail climatologist,” anyway? Or a “virtual concierge” – or “digital historian” ?)

-- How to avoid “cross-cultural collisions” and create productive international working relationships

-- Learning to navigate the “Markets, Merchants and Maniacs” to make better decisions in a world of TMI (Too Much Information!)

-- Emerging new business practices that are moving mountains and spinning worlds – ever hear of "Conscientious Capitalism"? How ‘bout Archimedes’ Lever? "Contra-synthesis"?

-- How to access the (formerly) “Impossible, Impassable and Unpronounceable” – and cost-effectively travel beyond classroom and cubicle...

-- Unusual career/lifestyle trends like “vocationeering” and “vacationeering” – how about a sabbatical as a productivity enhancer?!

-- Tips, contacts and check-lists for “going global”

As your Global Career Catalyst, Steve believes that not only are "principle, passion, profit and fun" totally compatible, they’re essential to your well-being. He also emphasizes that -- despite all the world’s problems -- there has never been a time so opportune for students entering the workforce to empower, enrich and “enliven” themselves.

Steve is available for speaking at Lectures; Student Government events; APCA functions; Career Day / Job Fairs; Student Conferences; Association conferences/conventions; and many more types of student (or faculty).