Stephen Blackwell

Stephen Blackwell


I'm an accoustic pop punk rocker, with catchy choruses and fun lyrics.


My name is Stephen Blackwell. All my music comes from life experiences, making light of the harder times in my life that most people relate too and I just enjoying my random and unique style of living. A lot of my music has christian influence because that is who I am. I find myself to be more of a musician who is a christian moreso than a christian musician. Other influences include U2, Reliant K, and Willie Nelson. I guess I've got southern pop punk flavor.



Written By: Stephen Blackwell

Without you my pockets are fuller.
Without you my friends are so much cooler
Without you my life is grand
Without you I feel like a man
Without you I can watch my dvds
While sitting in my bvds and
Without you I'm doing alright I can hang out with my friends almost everynight.

I don't know what I miss the most
Was it you yelling bout the toilet seat
or how you always burnt my toast.
I don't know how I'll live without the pain
But if I ever get to missing it I'll drive headlong into a train.
I'll get by oh, I'll survive anyway.

Without you there is less drama.
Without you I don't have to see your mama.
Without you there is more quiet peace.
Without you I really love me.
Without you there is less kissin
Which is something I'm really not missin.
Probly something I shouldn't say
But you were never really good anyway.

Chorus 2:
I don't know how I'll get past the great memories,
Like the time you didn't think I was humble enough so you threw out my Mac Davis Cd.
I don't know how I'll live without the pain
But if I ever get to missing it I'll jump without a parachute from a plain
I'll get by oh I'll survive anyway.

Here's a warning to all you men
She's just trying to reel you in.
Trying to take your heart and soul.
Is that girls one true goal,
and at first she's a lotta fun.
But you really need to turn and run
and Don't fall for that twinkle in here
Just rememeber she's the Devil in disguise.

Chorus 3:
I don't know how I'll live without the pain
But if I ever get to missin it thats the time that I'll go insane.
I don't know how I'll live without the tears.
Guess I'll do just like I did that first 20something years.
I don't know how I'll live without the pain.
Oh wait just kidding I really can't complain.
I don't know if I'm going to the top but I know without her.
I'm truly better off.
I'll get by
Oh I'll survive anyway.

Picked Last

Written By: Stephen Blackwell

For the fat kids in Dodgeball
Junior high dance on the wall
You may run slowly but your heart is fading fast.
For all you computer geeks playing halo every week
This song goes out to you
and all of you Picked Last.

For all you too small
who couldn't play football
For all you overweight
who couldn't find a date
For all you band dorks
who got cut from sports
just wear your boots with pride
That you never had to shower with another guy

Just remember to always look up
Even when things get worst
Cause the first will be last
And the last will be first

For all you tomboys
Who grew up with tonka toys
who'd rather be on the team than be a beauty queen
Remember your a cutie
with your inward beauty
Keep wearing those baggie pants
You'll meet your skater boy outside the dance.

You think you know me
Cause I'm not at all like you
You think you can judge me
Cause my clothes aren't quite as new
Makes you feel better
Because you're so high class
Pick on my all you want just know
I wanna be picked last.

Set List

Childish Fears, Just Be Friends, Without, The Emo Song, Super Vibe, This is Now, Via Email, Picked Last, and then occassionally we cover songs like What I like about you(The Romantics), C is For Cookie (emo style), Nothing At All (by Keith Whitley