Stephen Carmichael

Stephen Carmichael

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

What do you get when you mix Electronic Pop infused with catchy melodies, driving bass lines and infectious drum beats? It's the dance music of the Brisbane based pop artist Stephen Carmichael.


The young and infamous, Stephen Carmichael, is an artist that has
been ricocheted, bounced and caught by the streets of Brisbane.
Being only 19, this artist has already found, but continues to develop,
his voice as an artist. What he is passionate about creating is electronic,
pop and dance music!

As a youngest Stephen was exposed to the music of Michael Jackson,
Madonna, Celine Dion, Daft Punk and David Bowie. Stephen is
now inspired by artists such as: The Presets, Empire of the Sun, MGMT
and The Killers.

Music has always been Stephen's dream and to perform for others
has been his number one passion. Years and years have been dedicated
to perfecting his craft. Nonetheless, even to this date Stephen's
most memorable achievement was in grade 8 when he was awarded
Best Male Vocalist in a school talent quest.

Since then Stephen has been singing every single day of his life
and entering into numerous talent quests and singing competitions.
By the year of 2008, Stephen had developed as an artist and he had
learnt the art of composition. As a result he won four gold (one of
them for his own composition) and two silver medals in the Redeemer
Lutheran College ‘Piano and Vocal’ competition. He was then accepted
intp the Griffith Young Conservatoriums Young Ensemble Program
and then later into private vocal tuition at the university.

Also, as prompted by his music teacher, Stephen entering into the
2008 Young Composers Competition, which was hosted by ASME. He
was awarded a highly commended for his instrumental composition,

In 2009, Stephen embarked on the challenge of his life when he
decided to undertake Australian Idol. Out of the 2000 artists that auditioned
in Brisbane, Stephen was 1 of 20 people chosen to progress to
the next stage (to the producers) and then to meet the Judges. Marcia
Hines said ‘wow! What a voice’

Throughout the years, Stephen has been involved with various Brisbane
bands. But, in 2009, Stephen embarked on his career as a soloist.
Since then he has been performing with his laptop and his acoustic
guitar at various pubs, and venues across Brisbane. At his gigs, Stephen
has developed a reputation to have everyone on the dance
floor by the end of the night!!

After releasing his first EP, Violet Energy, in February 2009, it was
described as a contagious, dance driven and darkly beautiful pop
record. Stephen is now in the process of writing the long awaited for
debate album (it is to be released in 2011).

Whether you’re into pop music or not, the music of Stephen Carmichael
is sure to get your toes tapping and body grooving. When Stephen
was asked why he writes music, his response was: "how can I
not? Music is everything to me. It saturates itself into every facet of my
life. It’s a drug that needs me as much as I need it." So, clip on your
seat belts and keep an ear out for the music of Stephen Carmichael

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To The Sun

Written By: Stephen Carmichael

To The Sun

People lying all the time, it’s ok to hide
Would you buy it if I told you to fight?
But I just...

People trying it’s a shame, it’s ok to hide
Would you stay if I told you tonight?
But I just...

This girl’s in love with me, I couldn’t decide
No I just synthesised
But I just...

The boys got one on me but I couldn’t decide
But no I was never alive
But I just told a lie

To take you to the sun
I don’t mean to be the one
To take you, you

People lying all the time, I knew you would cry
Would I loose if I couldn’t decide
But I just...

Girl’s giving it to me, I couldn’t deny
Follow sound or follow the light
But I just...

Boys there for me, no I couldn’t deny
But no now he’s on his knees
But I just told a lie

To take you to the sun
I don’t mean to be the one
To take you, you

The girls there for me *5
Girls there, girl there, girls there for me...

But I just told a lie...


Stephen Carmichael's self titled, Debut EP - Violet Energy - was released in Feburary 2009

Set List

e.g. Set 1

Bullet Proof - LA Roux
Billie Jean - MJ
Violet Energy - My Song
Electric Feel - MGMT
My Lonely Lover - My song
Don't trust Me -30H!3

e.g. Set 2

Black Light - My Song
Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
If I know You - The Presets
Walking On a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Your Not Alone - My song
Beat It - MJ