Stephen Chavez

Stephen Chavez


A singer-songwriter with the ability to form beautiful pop melodies that are catchy and well played. Mix that with lyrics ranging from religion, politics, and love and you have a much needed break from the current state of pop music.


An ex-Performance major turned audio engineer and singer-songwriter.

Influences include The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, The Arcade Fire.


Don't Wake Me

Written By: Stephen Chavez

We were sitting in the lonesome car and you started to yell
i kept real quiet i didn't wanna give you hell
but my hair caught on fire and I burned down to the ground
you tried to apologize but couldn't make a sound

i turned into ash and blew with the wind
people laughed and pointed said i need jesus for my sins
so i laughed and pointed back said "I don't need your advice"
and i kept on floating in the thick humid sky

the moon looked over to the stars smoking on their big cigars
laughed at all the people's fates the dirty and the innocent
those who have suffered and tried to do their time
it's okay i believe you living is a crime

well i went to the grocery store looking for a breakfast score
walked down the cereal aisle with nothing but a fucking smile
i reached out to grab realized i had no hands
i fell down to my knees i was looking for sand

cause i live in a city nowhere near a beach
and all i feel is pity never ever ever seen real beauty
life weighs you down too heavy to carry
it can get so overwhelming and very very scary

i reach out to you hoping for a hand
but you leave me hanging head buried in the sand
so i will sit and wait because its my fate
and i will keep on trying please dont wake me.

A Lifetime (Is Never Enough)

Written By: Stephen Chavez

the sun's in my eyes
and im just trying to find
a place, to rest,
my head and my mind

time was meant
for mending not pretending
that we, will be
around forever

and i hope
that what we're trying to find
is worth the time
when will we realize
that a lifetime
is never enough

life is a lie
that we all lie beside
it clogs up our mind
and makes it so hard to try

im sticking around
cause im so curious of what
we can do
i have so much to prove


It's A Crazy World EP - 2006
We're All In The Gutter... EP - 2007

Set List

I Usually play a 25-45 minute setlist which includes mainly originals and 1-2 covers.

most common cover songs are by The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, John Lennon, George Harrison or Bright Eyes.