Stephen Covell

Stephen Covell


Upbeat and percussive acoustic, sweet vocals and intelligent lyrics that create a familiar but interesting pop sound for all ages.


Stephen started late as a serious musician at 18 years old, but like everything in his life that he's passionate about he dove in head first and has made amazing progress in such a short time.

Born and raised on the central coast of California in the sleepy town of Pacific Grove, he enjoyed a laid back childhood that helped fuel his unique perspective on life. "I assumed everyone lived in a happy loving family like mine, and it wasn't until my teens that I realized how fortunate I was to live like I did in such a beautiful area."

At an early age he was taught the piano by ear and played trumpet in gradeschool but didn't find his passion for music until his senior year of high school. "I literally woke up one morning and decided I was going to play guitar, but I had no idea it would lead where it has."

Self taught for over a year he decided to get formal instruction which helped spur on his love of song writing. Knowing that the only way to succeed was to be outstanding he then sought out classical training for voice that opened up a whole new world of expressiveness thats still growing today.

"I'm still learning everyday, but my teachers gave me the confidence to get up in front of an audience and really know that I was doing something impressive, something that not every performer can do."

Now at 25 with over 60 original songs under his creative belt, he's on the verge of something big, slowly infiltrating the world of the music business through viral marketing and music communities online.

In 2005 he opened for Keller Williams at Colby College and went on to play all over the west coast and Arizona focusing on college campuses.

Currently he is enlisted in the United States Army as a medic in the 82nd Airborne Division but even while deployed he continued to write and sing when he had the opportunity, his guitar never much further away then his rifle. The demands of the military lifestyle have made getting out to perform difficult but through online streaming video and mp3 downloads Stephen continues to share his music with the world.

"I've got a lot to offer I think, it's just about staying true to what I've always admired in the musicians I listen to and waking up everyday and knowing that I have a special talent that I'm stoked to share with everyone."



Written By: Stephen Covell

In the amber glow of a city street light,
she dances like she’s on stage, its so strange
she doesn’t seem to care,
that no ones there, to see.

When we finally find some music that I can hear too,
she spins off to the dance floor, she’s not wearing no shoes,
she’s always tuggin’ on my sleeve, asking me to stay,
when I want to leave.

Eyes closed oh she is in motion,
and I get the feeling that its my place to watch,
her feet glide in the early morning, and with out the light she shines,
I’d be so lost.

When she finally decides she’s had her fun,
I look up to the clock, it’s a quarter past one,
and we walk how together as she throws tiny white flowers into the air,

She goes skipping on ahead,
my little child in the clouds,
and I wonder how nice it is to not be stuck to this ground,
but that is where I stand, just in case you might land.

Should I ask her to come down,
doesn’t seem like id be doing her any favors,
bit by bit she’s built her kingdom up there,
why would I ask her to lose all that flavor.

Now there’s fog on my window,
sheets at war with my bed,
images from last night, they swirl around in my head,
I’m so glad she doesn’t need me,
And with that thought I finally rest.

Bottled Rocket

Written By: Stephen Covell

As a kid you dream
But those dreams are soon forgotten
Life’s a beach
Now just sand left in your pocket
And your eyes
No longer smile at cardboard rockets

Cuz there too busy staring down the road

Its that feeling
Like you’ve known someone forever
Sends you reeling
In the right way if you are clever
Just grab a hold
It don’t matter to which lever

Right or wrong at least your on your way

Take your pictures
Tack them to your wall
That one of my laugh
No I’ll never be that tall
We’re just beginning
And as we learn to crawl

lets spend some time going no where at all

I’ve lost some good friends
Some grown up some just grown older
I refuse to look back
Questions thrown over my shoulder
Its time to move on
Tossin’ up that worn out quarter

Heads or tails its time for me to fly

Oh now maybe its time to fly
I’m gunna fly away


Written By: Stephen Covell

As she steps off the platform
I smile
That familiar feeling starts welling inside
I cant believe what I see
How could it be shes more beautiful than I remember

But not at all the same
Its so much better
Its hard to explain
How much I

I search for the words
The ones shes never heard
To let her know that shes an angel
She knows its hard for me
To express how I feel
Foot in my mouth
I’ve never really been a Casanova

Roll that over inside of my head
Its quiet now
Except what she just said
So good to

feel you
see you
taste you
it’s so true

It’s candy’s day
In that bittersweet way
The kind of feeling
the phone would not convey

peach fuzz stands above
her eyes they radiate love
oh love for me

flash forward to the end of the year
snow turns the earth white but my skin doesn’t care
im wasted in the great unknown
or is it wasted on me such a fond memory
what is the chance of ever again meeting
the most perfect love ive ever known


2005 "Perfect Parade" LP
2007 "To The Fallen Records Presents: Rock Vol. 1"
2008 "Short and Sweet" EP (Release date TBA)

Set List

A normal set lasts about an hour and I'll play mostly original songs:

I'm Crazy
Kelley Was
Hidden Sunshine
The Walk Home
Paige St.
Do I
Pieces of Poems
The Kid
Bottled Rocket
Time and Space
I Won't Go
The View
Outside Austin
Raindrops and Teardrops

Covers I do are from artists like:
Dave Matthews
John Mayer
Howie Day
Jason Mraz
Jack Johnson
Ben Harper