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Music that comes from the heart. Just the right blend of new sounds and the good old melody - Just right!!! for people of all ages.

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Our Song

Written By: Stephen D'lima

Our song
(Music and lyrics by Stephen Andrew D’lima)

This song, is a dedicated love song
Girl, you mean the world to me
Thinking of the years
Of joy and tears
But we still shine
In your heart and mine

These thoughts and memories are forever
In our hearts, they’ll always stay this way
As the years roll slowly past
Until at last
The day hasl come
To join us both as one

And when we walk on down the aisle
The bells they’ll ring out through the night

We raise a cheer today, and celebrate our way
And cherish every mo-ment

Like a harp that soothes the brain
Warm sunlight in the pouring rain
C’mon baby lets start doing our thing
Cant’ wait to see what the future will bring

So this song, it’s only just a love song
It’s for you
You mean so much to me
For even if our love, should die away
Then in our hearts, this song will always stay.

And we’ll go on and on and on
And on and on and on and on.