Stephen Foster & Howler

Stephen Foster & Howler


Backbeat, fatback psychedelic blues and Southern ballads. We like to jam... we can let a song take us somewhere and still get back to the song. Our sound is based on exotic rhythms and giant grooves, movements and melodic hooks.


Howler is a 4-piece fatback band. Our influences include Little Feat, Allmans, Wet Willie, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Lightnin' Hopkins etc etc. Our songs and the way we approach the songs is our trademark. We're a heavy band. That's just who we are. Everything we play comes out that way. We gravitate toward strong lyrics and powerful choruses, and we jam.

Our last CD "Howl At The Blues" charted at #37 on the Americana Charts and stayed on the charts for 10 months. We hit in rotation on the Rollye James Show on 2 XM stations, and were in rotation on Music Choice for 9 months. These two syndicated shows had us in 50 million homes on a daily basis.


Mama's Goin Dancin

Written By: Stephen Foster

Mama's goin dancin when the train comes home. She's waitin for the engineer's whistle to blow. She's dressed up, she's waitin by the phone, mama's goin dancin when the train comes home.

Daddy engineers on the L&N Line. He runs from Memphis down to NOLA and he's right on time. Easin that freight down to Baton Rouge, headin north Friday mornin almost through. The engine be churnin, wheels be turnin, he's headin home to mama with the money he's earnin.


Well the girls come runnin when the whistle blows. Peekin in the boxcar checkin out the load. You know he don't care if they show a little thigh, he's the kind of man just lets it go by. He's headin home to mama, screamin like a comet, one more week in the hotbox gone.


Changing Times

Written By: Stephen Foster

Mother Nature keens above the killing fields of the children who fell to the steel of the armies who were said to pass them by, and still the children died.

And the changing times, bring changing lies, more reasons to send our children to die. And we're all the same, so we're all to blame, if we send our beautiful children to die.

And the motherless daughters and fatherless sons have laid down their toys and picked up guns. And they march to the beat of the cowards who send them to de these violent deeds.



"For The Love Of A Girl"/"Leaving It Up To You" (1977) massive airplay in Midwest and Atlantic seaboard. Cashbox "Pick-Of-The-Week"

"Howler" (2002); Single: "Mighty Field Of Vision Anthem": International airplay, 175,000 downloads in 5 years. ABC Radio Australia rotation nationwide. Still playing heavily on the internet.

"Howl At The Blues" (2007); Singles with both FM Leader Station reported rotation and internet play: "Mad As Hell", "Mama's Goin' Dancin'", "Cathead Blues", "Wearin A Hole In The Blues", "Changing Times", "Still Blue". Album charted Mar 21 2007 #37 AMA Charts, 10 months national heavy rotation on Music Choice. Nominated for AMA Emerging Artist Of The Year.

Set List

Typically 90-minute original concert set, plus 20-minute encore. Expect trance jams in concert setting. See below for Frat and club venues.

From "Howl At The Blues" (2006):
Mad As Hell
Mama's Goin' Dancin'
Wearin' A Hole In The Blues
Cathead Blues
Middle Class Man
Still Blue
Cold Fever
Hammer Blues
Why Do They Go?
Changing Times

From "Howler" (2002):
Mighty Field Of Vision Anthem
Too Much Seconal
Price Of Love
Baby Ruth
From "Demo Blues" (2004):
Little Things
I Live For You
It Ain't About Me
Long Way Home
Middle Class Man
Saved By The Blood
I'm Not Alone,
Long, Long Road
Golden Sun
That's How Time Passes By

From Earlier Single Releases:
Daddy's Girl
For The Love Of A Girl
Leavin' It Up To You

From Upcoming Album "Howl At The Moon":

She's Gone
The World's Undone
Hold On 'Till The River Runs Down
Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby
Two Ton Bullet
Can I Touch You
Too Late

Frat Gigs/Private Parties:
Allman Bros, Little Feat,