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Stephen Galgocy


Take all the music you've ever heard, now remember the acoustic songs that made you feel all warm and fuzzy. That's me.


"Stephen Galgocy's original material reflects his roots in punk, folk, and rock, with hints of jazz, fusion and even trance on special re-mixes. From the catchy hooks of U wake, to the intricate melodies, harmonies and instrumental work on Chance and Skits, Stephen's sound seems to intrigue fans young and old everywhere he goes." -LV 2 Night
-Full-Length released in March 2005:
-New Album Due out in Spring 2006:
Creative and cool, Stephen Galgocy has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most compelling up and coming musical artists. He shows off his gift for crafty songwriting and charged performances each time he’s behind a mic. Evidence of Galgocy’s roots in punk, folk, and rock, with hints of jazz, fusion, and even trance are apparent in his work. Acclaimed by LV2nite for his “intricate melodies, harmonies and instrumental work”, the Bethlehem-based Galgocy has spent the past few years winning over hearts with his eclectic, irresistible solo sets. Now, with his debut album behind him, Stephen Galgocy is set to spread his sound from coast to coast and beyond. Growing up in a musical household, in the small town of Bethlehem, PA, Stephen embraced the guitar as soon as his fingers were long enough to support the strings. For Galgocy's 8th birthday he received his first acoustic guitar and in 2001, formed the four-piece punk group "Everyday". “Everyday” would turn out to be the most successful of all the bands Galgocy had formed and played with in his time; they soon became local favorites, and recorded an album in 2002. By 2003, the band had called it quits, and Galgocy decided it was time to venture out on his own and embark on a solo career. Stephen Galgocy’s self-titled debut introduces the world to a vital, magnetic young artist, whose abundant talent and charisma are already well known to the region. The song collection on this album is a remarkable accomplishment and compelling first effort, offering the same combination of raw emotion and eloquent song craft that originally drew hometown fans to the 26-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist’s live shows. Stephen’s debut doesn’t disappoint. On such emotionally forthright, melodically arresting originals such as “U Wake”, Galgocy writes lyrics that muse on life and love with an insight that belies his age. And he sings his songs in a gently raspy, effortlessly emotional voice that carries a level of depth that’s remarkable for one so young. 2005 Stephen has performed at numerous venues in the Tri-State area including Theatre of the Living Arts in Philadelphia,PA (opening for Vanessa Carlton) The Fun House, Hotel Bethlehem Split Rock Resort, the Hotel Bethlehem Tap Room, Crocodile Rock (with Ryan Cabrera), Pontiac Grill, CBGBs, and The Banana Factory. The list goes on and on He has graced colleges including Moravian College, Lehigh University, East Stroudsburg University, and Wilkes University with his talent and charm. Additionally, he has performed at events such as Riverfusion, and Musikfest and in areas such as the Eastern PA, NJ, and NYC to name a few.


Enough Said

Written By: Stephen Galgocy

As I sit here, watching this feeling
Coming over and under entering me
Fly away, play away
On the groove that carries me
Well my instrument battles with the sand
That could could erase it, save it.
While my family’s so far away, enough said.

I can’t breathe the light,
But I can breathe in you
So what’s the problem? I said,
Are you feeling down?

And why has it happened?
Why did good behavior get me here?
Change of subject, and wind washes over me,
And carries me.
Well there’s not enough light out here to see much,
But together we’ll play for hours
Enough said, I’ve said enough,
Get on with the song…

I can’t breathe the light,
But I can breathe in you
So what’s the problem? I said,
Are you feeling down?

And as this breeze washes over me,
I wonder where it’s gone to.
And I often wonder what it’s thinking,
When it leaves
So suddenly realize that I’m falling,
Freezing, Misty, Cold.
But I don’t care I’m staying for the duration with you my friend.


2005 - Stephen Galgocy - Enough Said
2006 - Stephen Galgocy - (released Spring 2006)

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Set List

All original SET.
Avg. set lengths from 30min. to 1hr30min.

Some songs include:
Let's Go
Must Be
Stay Right
This Happend Really.
Like the Fall
She Says
Come in the Sunlight
Enough Said
U Wake
Wishful Thinking
I've Decided
(some original instrumentals)

Covers - (about 20-30 mins. of covers if needed including John Mayer, Sting, Ray Charles, Guster, Frou Frou, etc. (wide range) all acoustic )