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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Country R&B


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"Stepheni Elli Album Review from Roughstock"

Country music used to be about sex. Though it was not nearly as explicit, a lot of 70's and 80's country was as raunchy as contemporary hip-hop. That is country music's dirty little secret. These days when there is sex in country music, it is tinged with moralistic regret (“Stay”) or couched in grade school cutesy innuendo (“Big Green Tractor”). But country music used to have more that its share of sex. Hot, sweaty, “its-all-wrong-but-its-alright” sex. The last mainstream country singers who really got sex were Jamie O'Neal and Mindy McCready. Stepheni Elli (pronounced Ellie) has that same ability. Her album is about the very nature of sex between actual grown-ups, another thing that has been sadly missing from mainstream country lately. She gets the joy, the thrill, the risk and the sheer luscious escape of passion. So if you have missed the frequently blush-worthy tracks from Tammy Wynette or Dolly Parton, or even those women in the late 90's who unabashedly sang about sex, Stepheni Elli will be a breath of fresh air.

The album opens with “Lets Do It Again,” a sweeping song about memories of early trips and seeking to reunite the passion of first love. Elli channels her inner Janie Fricke on the album blistering second track, cooing “What would you do if I used you for a little while?” “He Settles My Soul” featuring a scorching R&B guitar lick as dark contrast to Elli's sultry soprano. The contemporary music scene has tended to prefer bluesier voices and has rewarded volume over nuance. Elli transcends this, pushing her voice easily into registers that would elude many of her mainstream sisters. “Have Mercy On Me Moonlight” is a largely piano driven ballad, which serves to showcase the full range of Elli's sweeping vocals. “That Makes You You” is a bright, bouncy love song that deftly pulls from the same ska-based influences as Gwen Stefani. “Shady Trees” returns to Elli's sweet spot, a gently sensual song that find her exploring the territory of a new lover. She switches easily from one nature metaphor to another, comparing a new lover in her man's life as a “Hurricane,” a malicious and destructive force that pulls in and destroys everything in her path. “Meet The Jones” verges on the edge of being too preachy, with its adulterous mother, dysfunctional son and anorexic daughter. However, Elli manages to save it with a vibrant vocal performance which pushes the tempo to add urgency to an otherwise stale lyric. The strongest track on the album is also the bravest. “Stay,” not only share the title of a recent Sugarland hit, but it turns that song entirely on its head. The mistress in Elli's version is no sad little girl crying in the corner because her man is returning to her wife. “I know you're tempted to walk out the door,” she purrs confidently, “look into my eyes and let me tempt you more. I got everything that'll make you want to stay.” When she does bother to think of the wife at home, its with a dismissive “Does she have anything that makes you want to stay?” After the power of “Stay” the bright and infectious “Somethin' Somethin'” seems almost like an afterthought.

Stepheni Elli's debut album is one of very few is recent times willing to step outside the boundaries of how things are already being done on the radio. While this is most evident in the subject matter, it is reflected through out the album. Elli has very striking vocals, and she avoids the trappings female singers are pushed into in this day and age. She plays her soprano, dancing it back and forth between between sultry and sweet, and finding the common ground between those two expressions. Her songs transcend the everyday cliches that have become commonplace in romantic ballads these days, which is perhaps the most unique quality of the whole album. Songs about sex, love and romance have become so littered with easy platitudes that it is difficult to find one that is not forgettable. Elli has created an entire album of songs worth remembering.

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"Stepheni Elli CD Review"

Music Reviews
Album: "Self-Titled" EP
Label: River Dawn Records

For new artists to separate themselves from the rest you sometimes have to look into the background to find the reasons that they will stand out. When doing that on newcomer Stepheni Elli, you will find a diverse range of obscure influences from Karen Carpenter to Richie Valens. Those influences alone are enough to peak an interest. With her self-titled debut album now set to release with River Dawn Records where she is their flagship artist, Elli is ready to show you what she’s got. Her blending of folk and country music presents a radio-friendly style and sound that satisfies on many different levels. The first being the singer/songwriter vibe that is presented as she uses her voice to carry the tunes and their lyrics inviting you into the emotions behind them throughout the album. The other aspect that is satisfied is her know how in getting a modern and mainstream country flare out of the songs. She is smart enough to expand on her own influences and has found the perfect way to use her voice as is evident with songs like “A Little While” and “Let’s Do It Again.” In the country mainstream arena there is safety in staying with what is already proven to work, however there are also chances to be took to see what would work next. Someone at radio needs to be willing to take a chance on Stepheni Elli. Her voice is unique while being familiar, her songs are different but yet somehow similar, and she has clearly been able to come into her own with something unique yet not so much so that it is not radio friendly.

- Today's Country

"Industry Buzz"

“Once in a lifetime there comes along an artist who touches your soul, and that artist is Stephenie Hargrove.”
Dan Wunsch, Editor, Nashville Music Guide

“Stephenie is a gentle and beautiful soul. She has real talent combined with real passion for the music and the causes that are dear to her heart.”
Melissa Bollea/Hit Songwriter, Creative Director for A&R Multimedia LLC
“Stephenie has a very melodic, powerful voice that will instantly grab your attention! Her soothing, strong, lyrically written songs will put you IN THE SONGS!”
Big Poppa, Concert Promoter, Positive Spin Radio Show, Detroit, MI

"Stephenie's smooth style falls sweetly on the ears. Having played with her for several years, I've witnessed how audiences are attracted to her voice."
Mike Spellman, drummer and singer, Summerset Big Band, Nite Notes Sextet

Having known and worked with Stephenie for quite some time, I can say without hesitation that she is an artist of uncompromising vision and integrity. Frankly, her raw talent, as well as skills honed from hard work, never fails to impress me.

Stephen T. Hirst, Talent Director, Lafayette, CA
- Various Music Industry Pros

"Testimonials from the Road"

"When Stephenie approaches the microphone, she sings with enough emotion to make the audience truly feel the song. Stephenie's vocals, stage presence and beauty intertwine together to a create a most memorable performance."
-Jason Fandrich, Artist Manager, Nashville

“Stephenie has a very melodic, powerful voice that will instantly grab your attention! Her soothing, strong, lyrically written songs will put you IN the songs.”
-Big Poppa, Positive Spin Radio Show

"The way you captured me with your vocals was unforgettable! I can't wait until you're back out west, and I can bring my family along to watch you! Thank you for such great talent!"
-Teresa Fleming, Evening News, Santa Barbara

"I love listening to your songs and watching you on stage! You know how to express the emotion of your songs big time! Your energy on stage makes me want to watch you all night!"
-Doak Turner, Nashville Muse - Music Industry Affiliates and Audience

"Testimonials from Nashville"

"I wanted to tell you your song, 'That Makes You You' (hope I have the title right) was just heart-touching and amazing. I have to buy that song and put it on my iPod!"
-Dan Shaw, Dreamrow, Nashville

"I recently had the pleasure to see and hear a very talented lady named Stephenie Hargrove. Her performance was a treat as her songs showed a range of emotions. Her engaging songs and lovely voice equally matched her stage presence."
-Joe Hrasna, BMI, Booking Agent, Nashville
- Various

"The Buzz Newsletter: Getting to Know Stepheni Elli"

“Getting to Know… Stepheni Elli”
The Buzz
Editor: Janice Gilbert

Where are you from and how long have you been in Nashville?
I am from Antioch, CA…just north of San Francisco and south of Sacramento. I’ve been working the Nashville scene since I first moved here in 2004 and started Belmont University.

What’s your day job?
What’s my day job? That’s funny…really, I do whatever to get the bills paid…waitress, clean, sing, walk dogs, host a radio show, primarily though, I temp on Music Row as the receptionist at companies that need me to fill in. I enjoy whatever it is I’m doing because I feel like I have the vision to do what I ultimately want to do, and all I do now is temporary and all part of this amazing journey that I will always treasure.

What is your favorite part of the Gonnabees?
Besides the editor of the Buzz Newsletter, you mean?? LOL Really, I admire the way Walt opened himself up to helping the up-and-comers in Nashville, and started a group like ours that is unique, and I think cutting edge…exactly what he’s envisioned for the group is happening: we are networking, sharing creative ideas and continuing to grow with a group of friends who we find power in numbers. It’s neat.

If you could give one piece of advice to your fellow songwriters, what would it be?
I totally think writing from the heart is the best while at the same time mixing it with the technique that you can learn around Nashville and in books. It’s like riding a bike…after you learn the basics, then you can swerve and turn down any road you want…it’s about incorporating some creative freedom in your music.

What is currently your fondest memory of your musical journey?
Oh man, I have had so many! You know what, I’m going to say my time spent as a music major at Los Medanos Junior College in California before moving to Nashville. The youthful hope and dreams were made if such innocence, and my continuous practice that I forged through gave me such a feeling of success from my discipline; it was difficult, but it was the best feeling ever!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Nashville?
I love the Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant on East Leland and Bombay Palace Indian food on West End.

What’s your dream cut?
Because I am artist, I’d say watching my songs go to number one on Billboard and then earning a Grammy. My duet partner that would rock would be with Michael Buble!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I am currently working on my first CD ever with my producer, Wayne Baird! I have written or co-written 8 of the 10 songs, and two of them were co-written with other Gonnabees members: Shantel Adams and Adam Wood! The CD will be complete in May? I hope you all will come to the CD release party!

- The Gonnabees Media

"STEPHENI ELLI Returns From AR2010, Introduces “Stepheni Sundays”! Jul 22, 2010"

STEPHENI ELLI Returns From AR2010, Introduces “Stepheni Sundays”!
Jul 22, 2010
Nashville, TN (July 22, 2010) – River Dawn Records artist, STEPHENI ELLI, is back in Nashville after participating in the Animal Rights 2010 National Conference, held July 15 – 19 in Washington, D.C.! While there, she played a special acoustic show for attendees, performing songs from her forthcoming self-titled debut album. Stepheni also treated guests to a new song titled “Take Me Home,” which she wrote especially for the conference.

The trip was such a meaningful one that Stepheni is already looking forward to next year’s event. “I want to be involved in every conference from this year forward,” she shared, her eyes glowing with excitement. “I felt at home with the crowd and the individuals in attendance all had such great stories to share.” Her favorite memory during the conference was meeting Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, an organization that actively protects the welfare of farm animals through rescue and adoption efforts. She says, “I have known about him and admired him since I was 13. I want a farm sanctuary to rescue farm animals one day.”

While in Washington, D.C., in her quest to order business cards, Stepheni found herself on the front lines of a police investigation in progress. Watch the clip titled “Washington DC Suspicious Package Found” here:

The video kicks off a new weekly series titled “Stepheni Sundays.” Each Sunday, Stepheni will upload a new visual experience recapping her various adventures throughout the week. Fans are invited to follow along as she shares candid moments in the life of a touring musician! The new “Stepheni Sundays” series will be hosted on YouTube on Stepheni’s channel:

Stepheni invites fans to her MySpace page to hear full-length versions of five songs from her forthcoming self-titled album, then help her select her debut single! Fans can listen and VOTE here:

Pre-orders have begun for the new album at! For a limited time, fans who pre-order one Stepheni Elli CD off her website will receive an AUTOGRAPHED poster as a personal thank you gift from Stepheni! Fans are also invited to join Stepheni’s fan club; membership is FREE for a limited time.

For all the latest updates on STEPHENI ELLI or to pre-order her self-titled debut album, please visit her official artist website at!

Please forward all media inquiries for STEPHENI ELLI to Estella at
- Star Country Media

"STEPHENI ELLI Enjoys Successful CMA Music Festival Week!"

STEPHENI ELLI Enjoys Successful CMA Music Festival Week!

Nashville, TN (June 23, 2010) – River Dawn Records’ flagship artist, STEPHENI ELLI, enjoyed her first CMA Music Festival as a recording artist! Having participating in the event in past years as a fan and volunteer, Stepheni took in a different experience this year! "I feel so honored to have been part of CMA Music Festival this year. It's awesome because I've volunteered with CMA the last five years I've been in town and seen all the artists who were in my position this year. I always wanted to be there; it's an accomplishment, for sure."

Stepheni kicked off CMA Music Festival week with an acoustic performance in the Rebuilding Nashville: A Benefit Concert For Flood Relief at the Red Rooster on Monday, June 7. With just her guitar en tow, Stepheni charmed the crowd with her soulful voice as she closed out the benefit. As CMA Music Festival kicked into full-force on Thursday, June 10, Stepheni met with fans and signed autographs at various vendor booths in the Exhibit Hall throughout the four-day event. Clearly her favorite part of the week, she shares, "I loved meeting the fans! It allowed us to share a personal connection, and it was so special to include them in on my shows and booth signings. We had a lot of fun. I love how they are now sharing their CMA Music Festival experience with me via e-mail, Facebook, and MySpace!"

In addition to meeting fans, Stepheni also interviewed with credentialed media – from England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other countries – who gathered in Nashville for this year’s CMA Music Festival. Stepheni was also invited to play the 2nd Annual Dustin Wilkes & Friends Fight to End Endometriosis benefit event, held at Big Shotz. On Saturday, June 12, Stepheni hosted her CD pre-release party at 2nd Avenue Live, where she introduced fans to songs on her upcoming self-titled album, featuring her full band. Songs on her set list included "Let's Do It Again," "Have Mercy on Me Moonlight," "That Makes You You," "He Settles My Soul," among others!

Stepheni shares songs from her upcoming debut album at her CD pre-release party at 2nd Avenue Live!

Stepheni meets fans after her CD pre-release party!

Look for video footage of Stepheni’s adventures throughout CMA Music Festival week to be added her YouTube channel ( in the coming weeks!

This Saturday, June 26, Stepheni will lend her time to performing at the Bellevue Benefit for Flood Victims. The benefit will run from 12 noon – 6pm, at the Kroger parking lot off Highway 70, in Bellevue. Stepheni, 100% of all donations go to Bellevue residents. Other musical guests include Music City Soul, Joey Boone, and World Music students.

Stepheni’s album is available for pre-order at For a limited time, fans who pre-order one Stepheni Elli CD off her website will also receive a GIFT of an autographed poster. Those who pre-order two albums will get a discounted price on CDs and also receive a GIFT of an autographed poster. Fans are also invited to join Stepheni’s fan club; membership is FREE for a limited time.

Prior to pre-ordering her album, Stepheni is offering her fans the opportunity to listen to full-length versions of four songs from the upcoming release on her MySpace page:

For all the latest updates on STEPHENI ELLI or to pre-order her self-titled debut album, please visit her official artist website at!

Please forward all media inquiries for STEPHENI ELLI to Estella at

About Stepheni Elli:

Stepheni Elli grew up along the San Joaquin River in Antioch, California just outside of San Francisco, where she remembers walking with her dog, Sassy, before school each morning at dawn along the train tracks tracing the water’s edge, her feet balancing on the metal rails, her voice releasing fresh new songs that came to her mind while watching the wide river twinkle with golden California sunrise, as Sassy smiled back at her with her tongue hanging out and loving life. Though Stepheni loved the California sun and the songs she wrote along the San Joaquin River, she knew she had to move to Nashville to delve into the music industry and make the connections she needed to make her music her true-life destiny.

Upon arrival in Nashville, TN, Stepheni started her Bachelor’s degree studies at Belmont University where she studied the complete business of the music industry, songwriting and performing; taking lessons from hit songwriters and top vocal coaches, and interning at prestigious music industry companies such as Carnival Music and Blacktop Music Group. These one-on-one interactions with some of the most successful Nashville producers, publishers, writers and recording artists provided Stepheni with a real insight into the way people make things happen in the music industry, and gave her the knowledge and confidence to know she could do the same. During her Belmont years, Stepheni played shows in Music City, making friends with the songwriting community; now Stepheni and her friends share in one another’s successes along their musical journeys.

After her recent Belmont graduation, Stepheni continues mixing her music industry experience with both the creative side and the business side, playing live shows, making her CD, making her CD with renowned producer Wayne Baird, writing new songs, and working with some of the most well known music companies on Music Row.

Along with the talent of music, Stepheni practices compassion to all living things. Stepheni chooses a vegan lifestyle, and is active in all kinds of charities including her most beloved work of protecting the welfare of animals. An active volunteer, event coordinator and radio spokesperson for various animal charities in the US, she plans to continue to do so as her music career progresses.

Stepheni has opened shows for major label artists Mark Wills, Buddy Jewell, Chris Young, Trent Willmon, Wade Hayes, Erica Jo, and recently for Trey Gray’s (drummer for Brooks and Dunn) music event, raising money for the cure of Huntington’s Disease. She has trained and run for the Country Music Half Marathon with country superstars Diamond Rio for their children’s charity Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and she has worked with the Country Music Association for the annual big bash, CMA Music Festival. When in Nashville, she enjoys hanging with the girls of the Women’s Music Business Association, working for music industry companies on Music Row, and pitching songs as a songplugger for songwriters.

With the whole world at this young woman’s fingertips, it is a worthwhile treat to have Stepheni at your event to learn why she is one to keep your eye on!




Estella Pan, Public Relations Director
STAR Country Media

Have a phenomenal day! Take care and God bless!

Estella Pan, Public Relations Director
STAR Country Media
- Star Country Media


Stepheni Elli (C) 2010--all new self-titled debut album

Stepheni solo- or co-wrote 8 of the 10 songs on the CD...all about different life experiences.



Artist Information

Band: Peter Lockwood: Bass
Randy Peterson: Lead Guitar
Shawn Peterson: Percussion
Stepheni Elli: Rhythm Guitar
More instruments available upon request.

Stepheni Elli is a touring recording artist specializing in shows in the USA, overseas supporting our Armed Forces, and as an entrepreneural concert promoter with River Dawn Entertainment.

Stepheni Elli combines her songwriting skills with her guitar and unique vocals. Full band, acoustic, duo and trio available.

Stepheni Elli has appeared on the following media:
CMA Music Fest
National Animal Rights Conference
WKDF 103.3
Big Poppa's Underground
Dreamrow Entertainment
Indie Extreme

Hard Copy Media:
Hot Stuff Magazine
Star Country Media
Today's Country
ROKZ Magazine

Stepheni Elli's music can be heard:
And most other digital outlets!

Players in the Band:
Nashville professionals...some of the best players in the country.

2010 self-titled Stepheni Ell, River Dawn Records

"Somethin' Somethin'"


615 290 7506 Stepheni
615 578 4181 Peter


"Elli has created an entire album of songs worth remembering...Songs about sex, love and romance have become so littered with easy platitudes that it is difficult to find one that is not forgettable...Her album is about the very nature of sex between actual grown-ups, another thing that has been sadly missing from mainstream country lately.", Stormy Lewis

"Someone at radio needs to be willing to take a chance on Stepheni Elli. Her voice is unique while being familiar, her songs are different but yet somehow similar, and she has clearly been able to come into her own with something that it friendly."
Today's Country Magazine

"A little bit Pop...Americana...Country...Stepheni Elli...has a little something for everyone. The entire album has a carefree vibe and sound that makes you smile right from the start."
Hot Stuff Magazine

CD Reviews: