Stephen Light & The Old Arcane

Stephen Light & The Old Arcane


Prolific singer/songwriter Stephen Light creates enchanting songcraft. Eccentric, insightful lyrics are layered with clever arrangements. A soulful, ragged voice and a multi instrumental band deliver melodies and choruses tinged with folk, jazz and twisted country. A true indulgence for music fans.


Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Origin: Wales, United Kingdom
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Management: Grant Tilbury, Listen To This,

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Description: Stephen Light and his multilayered band are a true indulgence for folk and country fans. An album as angst ridden and bourbon soaked as anything to come out of the darker corners of Nashville. Confident vocals underpinned with lap steel and banjo hooks, with all roads leading to accessible choruses, optomistic ballads and raw blues.

This years highlights: Completion of second studio album 'Reverie' released on 48v Records in April, playing folk and blues festivals around the UK to promote the release.

Looking forward to 2010: Looking forward to playing in the US in March. looking to promote our 2 studio albums and find US management and record company to promote us.

After treading the boards of the South Wales band scene, singer/songwriter Stephen Light went solo in 2007 swopping his electric guitar for an acoustic and performing new material at open mic nights. He later hooked up with ex bandmates Scott Baker and Steve Cruickshank as a trio. ‘Sweet Transmission’ was an album of home recordings and demos recorded during this period. The album was warmly received by local press and media alike. After a number of festival and support slots including The Handsome Family and Joseph Arthur, Mark Prescott was added to the line up completing the Old Arcane. 'Reverie' was the first full length studio album in 2009. Building on the positive reviews from the first record, the album drew new attention to Stephen and the band. Buzz magazine describing it as "as angst ridden, bourbon soaked and optimistic as anything to crawl out of the darker corners of Nashville!".



Written By: Stephen Light

Where have I been?
Under spray and under shower,
On The last rock, dwelling for hours and hours,
Was I scared?
I have not been alone,
My secrets and my woes I was sharing with the unknown.

The spin of love, spin of love
In conversation with the sea.

Ocean haunts in song and confession,
I tease and I taunt the ghosts of Welsh redemption.
And wild were the waves,
My secrets safe they called,
Some would scare and feel small,
Me I was walking tall,
Theres no denying the overflow,
Now that the tides in this coliseum the last safe place that I truly know.

The spin of love, spin of love
In conversation with the sea.


"Sweet Transmission" LP (2007)
"Reverie" LP (2009)

Set List

The Old Arcane
Oh Gwen
Digging For The Drama
Mamma Jeannie
Let You Down
Dolphins (Tim Buckley)
Like A Snowbird
Wandering Eyes
Country Mile
Capel Curig
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Leadbelly)