Stephen Minor

Stephen Minor


Smooth and Scenic. Elegant and Honest. Stephen Minor and the band eat pop records for breakfast. A well balanced diet of unforgiving pop sensibility.


Through the years the hallmark of rock and roll has been it's diversity.
It is an institution where inclusiveness has been the norm, rather than the exception; spawning a wealth of creativity that has defined eras and entertained generations of music fans. This where Stephen Minor dwells.
When Stephen was in his early twenties in Seattle, the vast universe of singer/songwriters were unknown to him.
"As a teen, the music that I was listening to was largely coming out of the U.K.: U2, The Alarm, The Kinks, Van Morrison even. When I was about twenty years old, artists like the Black Crowes, Bruce Springsteen, South Side Johnny, etc. opened my eyes to the great things that were going on here in America."
When it came time to put together his first full length release, "Home", Stephen created a collection of songs that reflected some of those latter influences. On "Innocence and the Kicking and Screaming", Stephen found that he was dwelling, creatively, in two contrasting styles of music. Songs were added to the list throughout the recording process and the longer the list got the more alt-rock sound became evident. In the end it was two EPs put on one release. It became a doorway to what was about to come.
"Love Hate" was a direct response to the changing style evident on "Innocence". A six-song EP was chosen over releasing a full-length CD.
"I wasn't ready to define my new direction just yet. I felt that I needed to write a whole batch of alt-rock songs and throw seventy-five percent of them away before making a new statement defining the sound of Stephen Minor."
"Viva Olivia" ushered in the new styling in 2005/2006. Stephen's live show, whether with the band or solo acoustic, will share with you a blend of songs, smooth and scenic-elegant and honest with an unforgiving pop sensibility.


Silly Crimes

Written By: Stephen Minor

So I loved your little silly crimes well that's no crime at all
And I loved you in your crazy times when nothing mattered much
Autumn ruled the harvest when we were breaking all the rules
And nothing brings me closer to you
And I loved your silly crimes serious in kind you were all alright
You pulled me out I was down there all alone sinking in a serious song

Mary's Cat

Written By: Stephen Minor

I slipped out from the underground a cat's meow from Thunderdome
A feline out for trouble in the pines
I thought I loved you Mary when I made you feel like heaven
Sometimes we believe in others lies
Mary I'm sorry I'm sorry Mary

Killing Time w/ Valentine

Written By: Stephen Minor

Every hour everyday every which and every way I will be
Standing by my valentine standing for my right to fight
Every moment in my life proves that love will be alright
Every moment that I fight makes me think that I might die

One In A Million

Written By: Stephen Minor

One in a million chances that I would run into you fall into you
Shooting broken arrows through the air that I breathe falling like leaves
I'm falling like snowflakes spinning around the wind
I'm living in motion and light sparkling out loud
I'm falling like iron thrown out a window pane
I'm moving like thunder on ice slipping along

Maybe (No)

Written By: Stephen Minor

I wanna here you say I think I will today It's easy to believe in you with that smile on your face
I saw you read the signs written in the dirt You're making up your mind and I'm making up these words
Maybe is no this I know
The wrong place and wrong time
I see them coming and then they go
I know maybe is no

A New Beginning

Written By: Stephen Minor

I lost my chance again I made this war to bring you in I built this wall without a clue
I ran away from you a tender heart broke in two When I heard you were back I wanted to call
Can we begin again can we begin


Viva Olivia (2006)
Love Hate EP (2004)
Innoccence & the Kicking and Screaming (2002)

Set List

SET #1 (50 min.)
Mary's Cat
Silly Crimes
Maybe (No)
Sleepy Blue
Speak To Me
I Could Never Be In Love w/ You
So High
Your Looks Will Never Pay The Rent
We Are The Blind

SET#2 (60 min.)
The Beach
A New Beginning
So Alive
World Class Fad
New Amsterdam
Burning The Bridge To Babylon
One In A Million
Your Always Gonna Let Me Down
Killing Time w/ Valentine
Lips Like Sugar