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The best kept secret in music


Stephen Minor, in my eyes, is a star. He embodies everything a rock star incorporates in a package: the killer voice, the sharp songs, the drop dead delivery. And almost everytime I am spinning his discs, someone in the office pipes up with the usual inquiry, "who's that?" Every time. Last time we saw Minor, he was being interviewed for a piece to run in DTR. He had just arrived (in NYC) from Washington State in hopes to relocate back home (which is the east coast). We were excited, for this meant live performance from him in our own backyard. But not before long, we soon found out that Minor was back on the left coast recording a follow up to his brilliant, LOVE/HATE release.
Minor is now living back in Washington State and through this transition he produced his latest, VIVA OLIVIA, 12 tracks of magnificent proportion. At this point, Minor just can't do anything short of musical merit in my eyes. I know this is unfair coming from a music critic, but the tunes here were all recorded and written by Minor, (except for some piano and synth) and the song subjects cover top subjects that Minor has admitted, "I had decided to retire. Or, I would not write from my own perspective on the matters of unrequited love anymore. I have since turned to exploring my own mortality, faith, speculation and the simplicity that I suspect that is behind the design of this great universe. We all worry to much and should probably use fewer words." VIVA OLIVIA is out now. You can purchase a copy at and make sure to listen to the DTR complilation which showcases the better than brilliant song, "Mary's Cat", in which Minor left me with this: "Mary's Cat is about the we all do it! If I don't break your heart, you'll break mine."- Edie - DTR

"...But by the time his second release, Innocence and the Kicking and Screaming, hit the market it was evident that he was swimming in a couple of musical styles. But this doesn't seem to be a problem since his voice threads everything together. By 2003/2004 his latest masterpiece, Love Hate was produced and from it spawned incredibly seasoned and touching song writing."
(from:"Death, Religion & Coffee, DTR 2005) - DTR New York City


Viva Olivia (2006)
Love Hate EP (2004)
Innoccence & the Kicking and Screaming (2002)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Through the years the hallmark of rock and roll has been it's diversity.
It is an institution where inclusiveness has been the norm, rather than the exception; spawning a wealth of creativity that has defined eras and entertained generations of music fans. This where Stephen Minor dwells.
When Stephen was in his early twenties in Seattle, the vast universe of singer/songwriters were unknown to him.
"As a teen, the music that I was listening to was largely coming out of the U.K.: U2, The Alarm, The Kinks, Van Morrison even. When I was about twenty years old, artists like the Black Crowes, Bruce Springsteen, South Side Johnny, etc. opened my eyes to the great things that were going on here in America."
When it came time to put together his first full length release, "Home", Stephen created a collection of songs that reflected some of those latter influences. On "Innocence and the Kicking and Screaming", Stephen found that he was dwelling, creatively, in two contrasting styles of music. Songs were added to the list throughout the recording process and the longer the list got the more alt-rock sound became evident. In the end it was two EPs put on one release. It became a doorway to what was about to come.
"Love Hate" was a direct response to the changing style evident on "Innocence". A six-song EP was chosen over releasing a full-length CD.
"I wasn't ready to define my new direction just yet. I felt that I needed to write a whole batch of alt-rock songs and throw seventy-five percent of them away before making a new statement defining the sound of Stephen Minor."
"Viva Olivia" ushered in the new styling in 2005/2006. Stephen's live show, whether with the band or solo acoustic, will share with you a blend of songs, smooth and scenic-elegant and honest with an unforgiving pop sensibility.