Stephen Bucklew

Stephen Bucklew


As a soloist I do a blend of country and rock covers along with my original material which is a blend of country, rock, folk.


I am a Seattle based singer/songwriter. I perform regularly in and around the Seattle area. My audiences range in age from college adults to “boomers”. My influences are 60/70’s rock, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and the music they were influenced by Edie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Elvis. More recently I have incorporated more traditional country in my performances, i.e. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and George Strait.

My current set list consists of my own material and covers of the Beatles, Neil Young, Elvis, Roy Oribison as well as artist and bands previously listed.

The music I play encourages the audience to sing along, and creates a cheerful, familiar atmosphere that keeps the crowds listening, enjoying, and staying for more.

My original works are an effort to resolve or express my emotions. Music has always been a way for me to understand relationships and feel connections to others. Through the ups and downs, loss and triumphs, no mater where I go “my friends” have always been there maybe not so much in flesh, but always in a song.

Set List

Solo Set List

If you’ve got leavin on your mind
Think it over
Silver Wings
Famous last words of a fool
Stay by my side
Lord I hope is this day is good
Can’t help falling in love
Elevator rock
I need you
Solitary man
I heard today
I’ve come to expect that from you
It’s only love
She thinks I still care
Summertime blues
Tell me to my face
Don’t let me be misunderstood
The sensitive kind
You’ve got to hide your love away
We belong together
Demon Etoh
That Sunday mournin’
Heh’ya heh’ya Hawaii

Honey Don’t
All shook up
Don’t be Cruel
Heartache by the number
I gotta have my baby back
This boy
All my loving
16 tons
Tiger by the tail

Today I started loving you
Love Pain
Dreams can be
Dream lover
Your cheatin heart
My friends are gonna be strangers
I should have been true
Yellow bird
Needle and the damage done
Wasted day and wasted nights
Long way home
Till there was you
I was the one
Tonight the bot