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"...when a local DJ makes a remix as ill as this one, I'm all ears."
- Gorilla vs. Bear

"Stephen R and tings..."

So if you know TheParty's Dallas M.O. then you know that Stephen R is our fucking guy. Dude is forever in the mix and always on some wild out fresh shit. As a dj, he's gonna play that shit that WE can't get away with AND make it nice, as a party goer, he's the guy in the middle of the crowd making that shit jump off!!! Dude's murked out disappearing act is also official AND he rolls with fly chicks, so long story short, we like him.

That being said, Stephen has a new remix of Spankrocks "Bump" that's kinda fire... Check our guy on Stephen R vs SpankRock Mix He also takes it underwater at the end.... Lighters Up!!!! Check our guy... - Central Booking Blog

"Flying under the cultural radar"

Flying under the cultural radar
by Preston Jones

Blending music, experiemental art and audiovisual creations, Oklahoma City native, electronic musician and video artist Stephen Ruiz hopes to create -- allow me to use the parlance of my parents' times -- a "happening" that'll open eyes and blow minds.
Sound/Vision 1 is, according to Ruiz, "a night of art, sonic experiments and social calibration." Ruiz said he hopes the event will "create a synthesis of unique experiences while introducing some very talented artists that may have otherwise passed under Oklahoma City's cultural radar."
Said artists include 2 Bass 3, AtlAtl, The Anvil Salute, Bronze Eye, the Ills, the Brothers Kolliopoulos, Rabbit Part Zen and Zygote -- all of whom will be appearing Friday at the Art Box as part of Sound/Vision 1.
Ruiz, who recently moved back to Oklahoma City from the San Francisco area, said the idea for Sound/Vision 1 came to him after a brief time back, although it also was partly inspired by his time in the Bay Area.
"Being out in the Bay Area, there are a lot of different events that incorporate art and music, and kind of the production value of what's there is a little different than your standard rock show or your standard club night," Ruiz said during a recent interview. "There's a lot more interplay between different scenes like the electronic scene will work with the indie rock scene and the punk scene and the art people. ...There's a different kind of symbiosis between people in the creative communities in that area that was to me really inspiring."
Having thought that there might not be a whole lot to work with, Ruiz found himself having a surprising shift in mindset.
"When I got back here, I have to say, having not been here for 10 years and coming back to Oklahoma City, I was really pleasantly surprised. "The Conservatory was open, the Green Door had really sort of gotten more momentum, the Untitled Artspace downtown... it seemed like these things were happening mutually exclusive from one another. My inspiration for this was I had gone out to an event at Opolis that Gabe Wingfield had put on ...the Maritime Fist (Glee Club) shows ... and I was really impressed with what he was doing."
From there, Ruiz struck up a conversation with AtlAtl drummer Douglas Johnson and discovered there were individuals who shared his notion that various branches of the creative community could be blended together effectively.
"I would love to see more people from different creative disciplines work together," Ruiz said. "A kind of cross-pollination is necessary to my own creative survival. Without something like this, it would be a lot more difficult for me to achieve the things I want to creatively. I would love to see something like this -- maybe do a show every few months, maybe with the same themes or same ideas."
Ruiz said he really isn't creating something that didn't exist previously, but merely bringing all of the players to the table.
"I think the scene already exists to some degree," Ruiz said. "The only goal that I had was to try to connect the dots, if you will, put different groups of people in each other's path so they can meet and talk. And usually if you foster an environment like that, new things kind of happen. Like I said, I was floored when I came back, because I expected absolutely nothing.
"I had come back after spending all that time on the coast and the last time I lived here, there really wasn't any kind of momentum going on. There were a few bands in Norman doing some things. It seems like there's this whole surge with musicians and with artists right now. And I thought if this is happening now, now might be a good chance to try and put something together. - Oklahoma Gazette


Asthmatic Kitty Catalog Mixtape- to be released in 2008



DJ Stephen R. is a Dallas-based DJ and music producer. Stephen has releases on Under the Radar Records and Alectric Records (Canada) and is the founding organizer of The "Under the Radar" experimental music and video events in San Francisco. He has performed with some of underground music's biggest names including Thomas Dolby, Peaches, Kool Keith, Kid606 (tigerbeat 6), Richard Devine (warp records), Nautilis (planet-mu) and Gold Chains.

Stephen R. is also the founding member of the left-of-center instrumental band The Dark Arts and records solo as Zygote.

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