Stephen Reso Band

Stephen Reso Band


Stephen Reso has a special way with crafting insidiously catchy and enduring melodic chord structures that build to big anthemic choruses that make for good cruising music.


*New album to be released fall 2006.

Stephen Reso began his musical career in his early teens in Thibodaux, LA his hometown just shy of an hours drive Southwest of New Orleans. Performing in local clubs as a keyboardist/guitarist in various cover bands, Stephen soon began writing his own material having been heavily influenced by song-driven pop/rock bands like the The Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Producers and The Replacements.

In 1990 Underground Cartoons was formed and became an important outlet for Stephen’s dark, but catchy pop songs. In 1992 the band relocated to Harrisburg, PA to take advantage of the city's unique logistics. The city is only 1–3 hours driving distance from Philadelphia, DC, the New Jersey shore and New York City.

The band’s popularity grew rather quickly in their new surroundings and soon they were recording their first record, “Shoot For The Sky” which was produced by Jeff Murphy of THE SHOES. The CD was released in 1993 and many of the songs soon found there way onto TV shows such as MTV’s The Real World (Miami) and CBS’s Guiding Light as well as many compilations like THE BAM BALAM EXPLOSION VOL. IV – USA Power Pop Compilation. On YELLOW PILLS Volume 2 – More Of The Best Of American Pop the band was featured along side such notable artists as Material Issue, the Posies and Matthew Sweet.

The band disbanded in 1996 and Stephen went solo. After a deal with one label fell through, his manager sent a demo tape to Indian at Gig Records who signed Stephen to his record label. His debut for the label, “Ordinary Life”, was recently released and features a strong collection of pop/rock songs.

*Tracks from 'ORDINARY LIFE' are currently being featured on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

SRB is curently putting the finishing touches on their latest album to be released fall 2006.



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"Ordinary Life" - 2002 Gig Records, "Guitar & Vocals" - 1996 Dandelion Records, "Shoot For The Sky" - (Underground Cartoons) - 1993 Cork Records

Set List

Originals with a few fun covers thrown in... Tears For Fears, Nick Lowe, Replacements, more.