Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts


Debut album from christian singer/songwriter/ musician delivers a "feel good" acoustic sound that opens the mind and frees the soul. Lyrics from first hand experiences that can be related to.


Stephen Roberts was born on January 28, 1979 in Moultrie, Ga where he was raised and lived all his life. Stephen began to sing in church and later on discovered he could play many instruments, as well as writing and composing his own music. He has played in various bands since then, recording drum parts for one of those bands in 2003. By the time Stephen was in the latter part of High School he began to hang out with the wrong crowd,living the party life and getting into trouble. The cops knew him by name. He spent time in jail and began to clean up his act. Soon afterwards, Stephen began to abuse drugs and alcohol to help him go to sleep and they began to take over his life. He finally quit on his own and vowed to never go down that path again. Stephen remains clean and began to focus on his music. Its his love and his life and has saved him many times. Stephen first started writing songs for My Life in Words in 2007. Since he lived in a small town, finding a studio was hard. So his girlfriend, now wife, decided to look for one. In March of '07 Stephen headed off to Franklin, Ga to begin the recording process. There he met Mark Turnham who owns Xcessive Sound and Video. They began to talk on how Stephen wanted the cd to sound like and so forth. Being a one man band, Stephen layed the vocals, played the guitar, drums, bass, and tamborine on all of his tracks. The process took Stephen a little over a year since he took a break to continue to write songs for the album. He has worked very hard and diligently to achieve such a great milestone in his life. He is very proud of all the things he has accomplished. With a new wife and a new baby girl on the way Stephen made his last trip to Xcessive Sound and Video and finished his debut album, " My Life in Words.'' Album released June 21st, 2008.


My Life In Words

Set List

45 min-1 hr set

-Its The Best Way
-When You Try
-The Love I Cant Deny
-Keep This Alive
-Tell Me Again