Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas

BandSpoken WordWorld

Stephen Thomas is a storyteller. His spoken music conjures emotion, stirs thought and steals breath while still dazzling audiences with his lyrical theatrics. An intense thinker and Master Wordsmith Stephen uses a variety of musical canvases to tell his stories and share his many worlds.


Stephen Thomas is the creator and Director of Stephen Thomas Group, a multi faceted company that serves the Montreal community in a variety of ways. A single father of two Stephen runs a group foster home that caters to 6 mentally ill clients from the Douglas Hospital, a mental institution in Verdun, Quebec. Stephen also plays a significant role in Montreal’s Arts community as well. A poet from birth Stephen is on the forefront of the Spoken Word Movement with his evolutionary style he terms Spoken Music, stemming from his rhythmic delivery that sits somewhere between traditional poetry and rap. Stephen's poetic versatility allows him to explore just about any genre of music. But when asked he prefers to talk his music over the Blues, the color and beauty of pain. A 2005 Montreal Noisemaker Stephen has created poetry forums such as The SOAPBOX and My Spoken World. In addition to this Stephen is also a core member of the live organic improvisation music collective Kalmunity, a collective boasting more than 60 members of Montreal’s most talented musicians, singers, poets and lyricists. Stephen Thomas Group also serves as a consulting firm helping businesses and individuals create and produce both artistic and commercial projects. Stephen Thomas is many things, a father, a friend, a dreamer, and visionary…but most of all Stephen Thomas is a Pioneer. One hoping to help bring about positive change in his world and yours.


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