Stephen Warwick

Stephen Warwick

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Stephen Warwick is a wordsmith. With jangling guitar and swelling horns as his backdrop, he crafts songs so honest, yet so hidden, the listener is led on paths where mood is key and mystery is prevalent. Also prevalent are folk and blues undertones, giving this indie-rocker a timeless quality.


Charlotte, NC native Stephen Warwick is a former actor who, after 6 years of studying, decided to pick up the guitar again and start writing songs. He's been writing and performing professionally since 2005 and in 2009 was Critic's Pick for "Songwriter of the Year" in Charlotte's Creative Loafing magazine. His album Talking Machine was a Top 10 pick for 2010 album of the year in Shuffle, a NC based zine that covers regional music and he has recently had songs featured on the Style Network, as well as Director Mark Young's movie Southern Gothic. So, after all those years of acting classes, it's his music that's the star of stage, TV, and film.


Talking Machine (released October 2010).