Stephen Weber

Stephen Weber

 Madison, Alabama, USA

My thoughts, dreams, musical ideas and experiences are reflected in my songwriting.A blend of folk, rock and a splash of country make up the style definition but definitely a hybrid consisting of those genres. 'Face The Day' is about my best friend's mother passing, and my desire to impart closure.


My story is first as a member of many bands in the North AL area. I was a member of Ground Level Sound for 16 years and released four LP'S of pop and rock.
My desire to go solo was a realization that some of my best songs did not fit the format of this band and I had grown in a different songwriting direction. The music here is that new direction and has been well-received in solo performances, being an indicator to me to continue my writing and attempt to reach a broader audience.
I've done some showcases and song competitions and met other songwriter/performers. I see little opportunity here to showcase live, but through TAXI(an online song submission service) have gotten useful, professional feedback on my writing.


City Livings Got Me Down

Written By: Stephen Weber

Oh City Livings got me down 2x

I long to see the river and the moon,sparkle in my eyes.
I long to see your face, outlined inside the starry night.

I lived for years near crowded streets,
noisy cars the traffic never ceased.
Can't seem to find a quiet place,
the city has a frantic pace,
this city has a frantic pace.

Oh City livings got me down 2x

I long to see the flatlands risin' to the horizon.
I long to see the oceans flingin' and a'sprayin'.

I'd like to take an ocean cruise,
try to lose these city blues.
There's just too many people here,
I'll just stay home and have a beer.
Let's all stay home and have a beer!
guitar solo
Take me down to sing and see,
just what we're all still try'in to be.
Free to roam and till the land,
grow our own and make a stand.

I'll leave the city and go away,
to the country I'll move to stay.
Nothin' left that'll keep me here,
I need some cleaner air to breathe...
Let's find some cleaner air to breathe!
Oh City livings got me down 4x
City livings got me 3x
City livings got me down!


I released Four LP's with Ground Level Sound. One got extensive regional airplay in the North AL area. None of my solo efforts have presently been released.

Set List

Face The Day
City Livings' Got Me Down
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Don't Dance Alone
Take My Blues Away
Floating In A Dream
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