Kansas City, Missouri, USA

A lovechild of Billie Holiday and Prince, stuck in the wrong era, melding Blues, Rock, Jazz, Vintage R&B, Pop and Funk into something the world hasn't heard before... Not like this.


"This is my do or die album," says Stephonne, a 28 yr. old, Kansas City born singer-songwriter seemingly bursting at the seams with excitement and anticipation. Stephonne grew up an inner-city, Wyandotte County raised kid with Titanic sized dreams. "My parents loved music. Whether it was a vinyl, a CD, cassette, or the radio it was playing in our house or in the car all day long. I grew up on everyone from Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, and Patti Labelle to Barbara Streisand, The Beatles and Marvin Gaye." The young singer, from age 6 on, sang in choirs and read album liner notes, fascinated by all the players, writers, producers and lyrics he found. "I just knew even from a young age that I was supposed to be one of those people. My dad used to be obsessed when he saw Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston on TV and in my heart I had this drive and pull that said 'that is what I'm supposed to do.'"

Stephonne started writing songs at age 10 but didn't really learn to read music until high school. "I always had a notepad and a full ink pen and I would just write. I heard every instrument and note in my head. I had such a love for melody because it was the way I remembered those songs. Even when I knew notes and chords I still wrote it all in my head." It was around this time that Nirvana, Alanis Morrisette, Sarah McLachlan and Radiohead changed everything for a then, young lyricist and melody maker. "Alternative music and rock really spoke to me. It was edgier, angrier and moody. That was who I was most of my childhood and even my adulthood and I finally heard that in song. That is when my true love affair with music began. When I knew it understood me even if no one else did."

The genres of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Pop, Rock, Folk and Funk all collided together and helped to build a voice and artistic perspective that is uniquely and extraordinarily Stephonne. We see that really come to full maturation with his solo debut and future classic, 'Caged Bird Sings Songs about Red Beard.' The songs were all birthed in the last 5 years, a dark time of heartbreak, identity crisis, and depression and healing. "Without music I would truly be dead. All of these thoughts and emotions coursed through my soul and body as bad blood and getting it out on paper and recording it was my only salvation. So much came out but these songs, the survivors, are the ones that never went away. These songs demanded to be heard and hit me like a brick every time I sang through a melody of them."

Producer, Jamie Searle, of My Brothers & Sisters was the first to see the sonic galaxy that was in Stephonne's head. He is a genius that recognized a genius in all the melody and lyrics presented to him. "He is the first person that could hear exactly what was in my head. The stars aligned when we met. Even with a music degree I could never bring the songs what they needed and he is such a true servant of music it blows my mind every day." The team has put together a classic collection of songs that recall pop in its purest form and that make you hear Billie Holiday, Prince and Led Zeppelin all as one person. It is a true explosion of sound that is so complex, but so accessible it won't stop until the whole world hears it.

"I was about to give up on all this. I was so defeated after my last band ended and nothing musically was panning out. I was so sad I cried at the thought of not having these songs recorded." "Unworthy," The 1st single and pop odyssey from CBSSARB was proceeded by the eerie and otherworldly cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand." The fear of this music not seeing the light of day is now gone and a huge smile across Stephonne's face replaces it. "We are going to rock the world with this project. It will change the world. I believe that so strongly. It is not just about a guy who broke my heart or even me as much as it about humanity and our journey through shit, love, pain, and strength, freedom and self-realization through it. It is bigger than me."

CBSSARB falls from the sky and into a store near you in January of 2016.


My Love

Written By: Stephonne Jamall Singleton

Oh, it's unparalleled,
Beyond a feeling felt,
That's my love.
Higher than the Highest height,
Deeper than the deepest debt,
It's not fair weather,
Not my love.

Faithful, loyal, the truth, and tried,
When it's given the stars collide,
It's a weighty thing,
Such crazy thing.

Greatest story ever told,
Totally out of control,
It's unconditional,
My love.
Bright like a firefly,
It lives outside the mind,
Oh what a gift it is,
My Love

My Love...

You can never buy this love,
Nor satisfy this love,
It's so alive,
My Love.
Oh, its a rare thing love,
Sometimes unfair this love
But it's always there,
My Love.

My Love...


Written By: Stephonne Jamall Singleton,Jamie Searle

Verse 1:
Am I too much of this? Too much of that?
Do I text too much, cause you don't text me back.
(Got me thinking...)
Do I say enough? Do I care too much?
Am I out of luck? You never miss me much.

What's wrong with me?....
Make me wonder... Wonder what I'm worth.
What's wrong with me?....
What did I do to be so damn unworthy?

Verse 2:
Am I just another boy? A little toy?
Not as cute as him? Will I ever win?
(Just keep breathing.... Got to remind myself)
Is it my skin tone? Should I leave you alone? You say you want me but I have yet to see.

Got me wishing I was somebody different.
Waiting around questioning my persistence.
Don't know what to do.
Who I need to be.
Tell me!



Melancholy Man (Glory Blue 2007)

Over Head EP (Glory Blue 2008)

The Blue Room Compilations (2008)

I Want To Hold Your Hand (2015)