Steph Shaw

Steph Shaw


Singer/songwriter/pianist Steph Shaw's soulful vocal phrasing over her delicate piano-based accompaniment is a mix of acoustic pop with classical roots. She takes an honest approach to songwriting that keeps her singing about what is present in her everyday life.


We can't be all the time outside / we can't be all the time inside / can't be always outside looking in. "Just Me."

At a new turn in her musical journey where taking in new surroundings of New York City can be both inspiring yet initially overwhelming, Steph finds the little things that keep her grounded in her Colorado roots while enjoying and embracing her new home. Whether it’s walking barefoot in the grass or it's finding a vantage point to look out at nothing, Steph continues to discover little moments here and there to remind her what keeps her going…about who she is through her music. It’s in the little things… like engaging in a deep conversation with a good friend or taking a stroll to a corner flower shop (for no reason) on a sunny afternoon.

Under the mentorship of composer Edward Knight, Steph was encouraged to find her authentic and unique artistic voice by embracing both her pop and classical upbringings. While her graduate composition studies taught her about developing her creative process (exposing her to a wide range of compositional techniques and instruments), she's now starting to bring together her combined passion for singing and composing through her songwriting.

Once you meet Steph you might be surprised to find that she’s 5’…almost 1.” Sometimes she’s a definite 5’1” (on a good day when she’s sporting her heels, of course). Regardless of her size, she puts herself out there for you to know in her most brave or broken moments. Through her music you’ll find that she lets down her guard and speaks from the heart, even when confronting it. Her lyrics don’t hesitate. They don’t gloss over who she really is. They're not afraid to admit what she’s going through. They simply reflect and confess. They bend and question. They hope and reassure.

For her, it’s through music that questions can be asked. Some questions can (or may not be) answered. It’s in subtle moments that you’ll learn a little more about Steph through each note that she plays and through each word that she sings.


I Got It Bad

Written By: Duke Ellington

Never treats me sweet and gentle
The way he should
I've got it bad
And that ain't good

My poor heart is sentimental
Not made of wood
I've got it bad
And that ain't good

But when the weekend's over
And Monday rolls around
I end up like I start out
Just crying my heart out

He don't love me like I love him
No, nobody could
I've got it bad
And that ain't good

Remembering You

Written By: Steph Shaw

If on that day
I'd have changed my mind
This moment would be left behind
You took a moment
Took the time

The dream of doing
The thing I love
Was never beyond
What you could see
You took a moment
You took the time

So, I'm remeb'ring you
All that you are
Rememb'ring you

And here I am
I'm on my way
Don't lose the memories
Or choose them carefully
Cause all you have is what will be

So, I'm rememb'ring you
All that you are
Rememb'ring you.

(C) Steph Shaw, 2005.


Currently recording an independent EP "Days In Between." Keep posted for release updates TBA.

Set List

Remembering You-- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2004.

Just Me -- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2004.

Can't Stop -- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2004.

Days In Between-- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2003.

Someone There -- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2004.

Make It Better -- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2005.

Go With Me -- Words and music by Steph Shaw, 2005.